The Curious Incident of the Custom Timetable

Last week when I got my timetable, it looked very crowded and busy. It turned out that there were lots of lectures listed that I didn’t have to attend because I was in a different group or in the higher maths set. Additionally, not every lecture happens every week, and every week the room, academic or time of the lecture could change. The result was a very confusing timetable.
So I thought it would be a good idea to download the timetable from the Engineering page and edit it so it only had the lectures I had. The result was a timetable half the size that was a lot easier to read.
Last night, after a hard morning of lectures and an afternoon of catching up on things, I realised that I had actually missed a lecture. The reason for this was that I had forgot ot put this particular lecture, on Engineering Design, on my ‘Custom Timetable’. Therefore, as far as I was concerned, I didn’t have it. So I was faced with the fact that, on my first day, I had missed a lecture already.
But, luckily the lecture was repeated today at 1pm. It had the same name, room and lecturer so I assumed it would be the same one. So all I had to do was go along to this lecture instead. Sorted.
When I get there, the lecturer said that the lecture was optional and that today we would be leaning the basics of using Word. She then proceeded to direct us all to an online tutorial on how to use Word. The tutorial starte with “this is an icon, this is the taskbar, this is the start button, …”
Needless to say I didn’t stick around. Not only was the lecture optional and very, very basic. But the whole lecture was going through online tutorials that I could choose to complete in my own time, if at all.
Looks like I chose a good lecture to miss!

Coulombs, Safety, C and WIRES

My first day of lectures has gone very well. I had a lecture this mornign introducing me to the electronics course. The first topic is resistance. I will get some questions to answer at some point by e-mail, but for now I just have to try and understand my notes!
The other two lectues were a lot easier to understand. One was essentially a health and safety lecture and the other was an intorduction to the programming course which i’m really looking forward to.
This afternoon I did some laundry, which was an experience. The laundrette was quite busy and then the whole “what do I do” fiasco. But I got there in the end and my clothes aren’t ruined so that’s a bonus.
In the evening I went to a meeting about joining the Stage Crew Society who basically orgainise all the technical side of all the union events. They cover sound, lighting and video. I’m going to be helping out and learning how they do everything. Very excited about all of that!
So all is well, just had a nice stir fry, so still eating and alive. Bring on the FUTURE!

My First Full Weekend

Went to river sports day. It was an event held down by the river in town where teams competed in several events including canoeing, tug of war and water gladiators. You can see one of the canoe races in the first picture.
In the evening, we had a big game of Monopoly in the kitchen, see picture 2. Needless to say it went on for about 3 hours before we gave up and went to bed.
Went to Tesco in the morning for my weekly shop. Then made a cheesecake. Watched the Grand Prix. James came over and we had lunch in the Chancellors, the union bar. Showed him round the campus and intorduced him to a few people. Once James left, I got myself ready for the start of my lectures tomorrow and ate some cheesecake.
Lectures start at 9am and finish at 1pm. Will be interesting to see the format and how much work i’m given. I’m excited about it, but also know it will be the start of a lot of hard work.


Yesterday was a good day to catch up on sleep. I got up at 11am and went swimming at the Guildford Spectrum with Josh. It was good fun. Next time I’ll have to go ice skating there. The rest of the day I spent relaxing.
In the evening I went out with a dozen other people to School Disco at Rubix. Queued for an hour and a half to get in but then had a really good night dancing and watching someone get gunged.
Today I’m going down to the river to watch river sports day. Will be fun to watch people get wet and make a fool of themselves!

Day 5

Today I had my BIG introduction to my course. Basically, there is a common first year, so I can swap if I want to at the end of the year to another Electronic Engineering course.
I’m in the higher group for maths, which means I have about 2.5 hours less lectures a week in maths!
The rest of the day I had various things, tour of the media labs which were very exciting.
This evening I went out to Open Mic Night at Chancellors bar. It was a good night. I’ll admit now that I did have my first sip of alcohol tonight, a Smirnoff Ice and a Snake Bite.
Tomorrow I have a free day, so me and Josh are going swimming at the Guildford Spectrum. Should also get my loan money tomorrow.
Sorry if this post is not readable, its 1am and i’ve had a bit to drink.
The picture above is of Josh filling out a form in a lecture we had today.