This is going to be a short post as I am very busy this week. So far everything is going great, got an assignment on Monday which is due in next Monday which has been messing up my plans a little, but nothing I’m not on top of. Its not difficult either so its just finding the time to do it.

Other than that, I did the usual climbing yesterday, really great fun. Still need to work on my endurance though as after climbing for 2 hours my hands want to fall off. Looking forward to the big trip this weekend!

Becky came over today, cannot say how great it was to catch up, shame she couldn’t stay longer!

Anyway, got to get some sleep before the haunt of Labs tomorrow!

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 8/10
  • Last meal: Stew (thanks mum, tasted really awesome!)
  • Thought for the day: More Band-Pass Filters & Op-Amps again!
  • Thorpe Park and Sleep

    That pretty much sums up my weekend. Thorpe Park on Saturday was great fun. I love Fright Nights at the best of times, but Saturday just seemed really good. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, suppose we managed to go on all the rides we wanted to, the queues weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, and we got to see two Stealth rollbacks! (I know I’ve lost all of you on that last point, but it had to be said!)

    As for Sunday, I got some work done and managed to catch up on some sleep.

    This week is set to be a busy one. I have the usual climbing session in the gym on Tuesday. My sister is coming to see me on Wednesday (YAY!). Trip to a local climbing shop on Thursday with the climbing club to buy harnesses, shoes and other climbing gear. Then at the weekend I’m off to Hope in the Peak District with the climbing club (I know, a lot of climbing!) for a weekend on the rocks!

    Looking forward to all of that, but it does mean I have little time to do work. Luckily I’m fairly on top of it all at the moment, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Happiness: 6/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Cereal for breakfast
  • Thought for the day: Band-Pass Filters & Diodes (and it’s only 11am!)

    Logic gates were the subject of choice for this week’s labs. Luckily, not only do I completely understand logic gates, but I quite enjoy using them and solving the circuits. So this weeks labs were fun and the 6 hours flew by.

    As for the other lectures, its Analogue Electronics that’s letting the team down, other than that, all is well. I got 27.5/30 in my Maths test, just a few trigonometry bits that I usually rely on a calculator for that were the problem.

    Nothing much else this week, I’ve really been trying to get a lot of work done in the evenings, but still it keeps coming in. Got another assignment this week, so now I’m down to 3 assignments and 5 worksheets to do. Lots to do.

    Thorpe Park on Saturday will be great fun, can’t wait!

  • Happiness: 6/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Chicken Kiev, chips and beans (and ice cream for dessert)
  • Thought for the day: 1/2 = 0 and 1+1 = 1 (carry 1) — Obviously!
  • FIRE!

    Last night I helped turn Rubix into a Laser Quest venue. We had smoke machines, strobes, lost of lights and obstacles such as barrels and a golf buggy.


    It was absolutely fantastic fun watching people playing while I was operating the lights. In between games we would check the smoke machines were working and make any tweaks to the layout.

    The last game was the Stage Crew game. Obviously we thought it would great if we put all the smoke machines on full. A long story short, we set the fire alarm off! But, that’s ok because by that time we’d already set the fire alarm off over 30 times that night.

    Once we got back in and turned on the house lights, I took some photos.


    This is the dance floor.


    This is the balcony. Bear in mind this is with the strobes now off and the house lights on. During the game, I couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of me.


    Each time the fire alarm goes off, it prints the alarm information onto a piece of paper. This is said piece of paper, and yes, all that on the counter as well. By this time, the alarm was still being set off.

    Good times.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Chicken supreme and rice
  • Thought for the day: Smoke + strobes = :¬)
  • Back to Work

    So after a weekend of Stage Crew and the Grand Prix, it was back to work today. Nothing says welcome back like 5 hours of lectures. They were actually all fairly straight-forward and nothing much to worry about in terms of adding to the workload either.

    I hear that there are plans for a so called “Parish Outing” in the near future where you can come down for the Cathedral Service and have a look around my new home too. The latest I’ve heard is the 16th November, but talk to Mum for the details.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 6/10
  • Last meal: Chicken Kiev & Chips
  • Thought for the day: Magnetic fields, op-amps & stdio.h
  • Sleep? Pah!

    You don’t wanna know, but basically I had a great last night. We stayed in with a few of my room-mates and few others. Then today I’ve helped with stage crew for the afternoon, helping to set up for a big gig on Sunday night.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 6/10
  • Last meal: Chilli & Rice (leftovers!)
  • Thought for the day: Thought? Its the weekend!