It’s Friday!

I don’t have long so I’m going to make this as brief as I can.

Back to lectures on Wednesday, although I still only had one. I went climbing in the afternoon after doing some work in the morning.

Yesterday it was time for Labs. This week it’s Video Media and it’s just as good as the Audio last week. We’re looking at PAL signals and today we’ll design our own test card.

Talking of today, I am going to be in London this weekend.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Toast for breakfast
  • Thought for the day: Why is there always lab prep to do?

Snow Day: Reloaded

So it was another no show for lectures today. Gave me and Josh another chance to do some work. Not that we took full advantage of that chance. We may have played a bit of online gaming, listened to music and slept. But there was a bit of work in all that al well.

After all, it’s not everyday you get to be so blasé about snow!

The mood was good. I got some laundry done, although I didn’t think a 38 minute cycle would take an hour!

The best part is that on Wednesday’s I only have a 1 hour Maths lecture all day. So is that a 2 day week?

Anyway, there were some casualties: climbing club was cancelled due to the lack of an open climbing wall. I’ll probably go tomorrow.

Teaser: I might be coming down to London at the weekend.

  • Happiness: 9/10 (I can’t make it 10, that’s just bragging)
  • Workload: 6/10 (probably 10, but I haven’t been given it yet, hence the high happiness rating)
  • Last meal: Josh made lasagne (well, heated lasagne)
  • Thought for the day: More snow on Friday, anyone?

The week with 3 days…

So first things first, Sorry. I know, I know. I’ve been a bit busy the last few days. First lets do a little recap then we’ll get to the good stuff:

Friday: A rush to get my answer sheet submitted on time. Finished my brilliant audio labs for the week and got an ‘S’ (above an A).

Saturday: Spent the morning with Josh doing lab prep (and maybe talking a bit too). Helped out with Stage Crew for Greek Night. It was really bad. Won’t be doing that again…

Sunday: Spent the afternoon doing lab prep with a friend (known from now on in the blog by his real name, Faizan) in the library. As you gathered from my previous post, it was upon leaving the library at 8:30pm that it appeared it had been snowing.

So that’s the deal. So to today:

Woke up (always a good start). Got dressed. Opened the window. Dropped jaw. Phone rings. It’s Josh. He’s just opened the window to.

Have cucumber for breakfast (it’s all I had: no milk, bread, etc.)

Dredge a path to Josh’s room. We go to our first lecture. After waiting 10 minutes for a lecturer we abandon ship.

At about 10am I get an email from the union president saying that all lectures have been cancelled for the day.

Me and Josh decide to do some lab prep (this is different to the one above) while keeping in touch with the weather situation on BBC News 24 and local radio.

At 12pm, we go to the main field in the university to, well I think this speaks for itself:

Snow (12)

I hope I’m not going to fast, but there’s a bit to get through. So next we went to Tesco (yes, sounds stupid, but as said earlier I had no food).

Got back and had lunch, then went to Josh’s to do some more work.

At 6pm I went to the stage crew meeting, the usual.

At about 8pm I cooked me and Josh Spag Bol for dinner (because I now had food)

I think that pretty much covers the whole day. It’s been so surreal and great fun. Managed to do some work as well which good.

It looks like tomorrow will also be void of lectures, as they seem to be cancelled too. Well, I’m not setting my alarm now so I’m not going to the first few, even if they become “un-cancelled”.

How was your snow day? I guess Mum didn’t manage to get to Manchester. Becky sent me this picture of Daisy in the garden:

christmas08 012

And this came from home:


I’ll try to keep you posted, but I have managed to keep myself quite busy recently. How about I promise another post by Wednesday night at the latest?


Last night coming out of the library. It wasn’t like that when I went in!

Snow (3)Snow (2)Snow (3)

This morning, the window view…

Snow (11)Snow (9)Snow (10)

Needless to say people were having fun…

Snow (8)

The view from the lecture theatre we were meant to have our lecture in…

Snow (4)Snow (5)

Josh enjoying hot chocolate in the snow…

Snow (6)Snow (7)

YAY! Snow!