I’ve got 99 problems but exams ain’t one…

Hello! Exams are over until the summer, my 4th and last one was on Wednesday and now I have a week before my new set of lectures start. It’s been a bit non-stop since I last wrote in here at the start of December, the jokes of Christmas and New Year quickly a distant luxury as coursework deadlines and exams loomed. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t treat you to some of the photographs from the New Year celebrations…


The annual gathering of mine and Jake’s friends is fast becoming some sort of tradition, and good thing too because this year did not disappoint! All it takes is two dozen friends, some karaoke, alcohol and Who’s in the Bag to get things going! The cream carpet is still cream, and only one sprained wrist caused by a particularly flowery dance-off containing the “epileptic worm”…


There was also a bit of typical London touristy things going on during the days before new year with Jake, Sarah and Charlotte about…


The Science Museum, because there’s nothing wrong with being a geek, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and a secret cocktail bar in Liverpool Street :) good times.

The rest of the time was less interesting, but certainly more productive! With two big essays to write, and four exams to revise for it’s been a busy 3 weeks; but I feel it has paid off as my exams seemed to go well. I should get my results in a few weeks, so only time will tell… But with those done that marks the point of 70%. A whole 70% of my degree is now complete! And only a few months left until that figure goes the full nine yards… scary and exciting times!

I’m genuinely looking forward to my last semester at university. I’m ready to study my final tow modules, and progress further with my final project work.

Job prospects are still up in the air to some degree, but hopefully I won’t have any issues in that department…

So much to look forward too, and so much going on! I’ll aim to keep you guys in the loop with everything from my project, modules, MADTV, holiday plans, work prospects… and I guess I should start thinking about what to do when all this university malarkey is all said and done. Knowing how quickly the last few years have gone it’ll be over before I know it Confused smile

  • Happiness. 8 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 1 out of 5
  • Workload. 5 out of 10
  • Last Meal. Nibbles. 
  • Song of the day. Paolo Nutini –  Last Request Piano Instrumental
  • Thought for the day. 70% of degree done. Damn.
  • What I’m Doing Now. Visiting my sister and then travelling to Weymouth tomorrow… Seems like I spend my life travelling sometimes :)

InterRail video!

Travelling around Europe by train, summer 2011. Sophie and I visited Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Split, Dubrovnik, Rome and Venice in a month!

I know I’ve been all up on the radio silence recently, exam season is upon us! I have devised my top 40 moments of 2011 that we have to count down together when these exams are over, and start talking about my final semester at university! It’s the beginning of the end!!!