Family Christmas Meal in Balloch

The family tradition is to have Christmas dinner together, as most families, but we have it at the start of December. In Scotland. That way we don’t have to spend actual Christmas together. It does make sense… or so I’ve been conditioned to believe.

California Trip

An amazing four weeks travelling from San Francisco down the California coast to Los Angeles then inland to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Bigger Pictures

Just a quick note to say that all the pictures from Paris, Switzerland and my Graduation are now full-resolution. So if you want to go back and admire them in more glory, now you can! Now that’s sorted, I’ll be posting some pictures from my America trip in the coming days… stay tuned!

Switzerland & Paris

While working for Sony Professional Services over the summer I had two trips to Switzerland and one to Paris. I wasn’t about to let the good photo opportunities pass so I took my camera along with me and had a play with some sunset shots from the plane and night shots of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy.

Producing videos with StagTV

Since the University of Surrey’s Student Television Station re-brand over the summer from MADTV to StagTV, I have been involved in various projects.

Firstly, we had a major project to inform new students about everything they would need to know about the university, Guildford, societies and moving in. It was a big effort, with planning starting way back in March with me as the Producer, but as production began I got less involved due to my work commitments (and month away in California!) Nevertheless, I was still able to get my hands dirty by editing a video about chilling on campus and another about the Surrey Sports Park. It’s always weird editing work that someone else has filmed, but since these videos were well laid out with plenty of extra library footage to fill them with, I managed to get something I was happy with. I also featured as a student giving tips to freshers in this video… still makes me cringe.

Once the year had begun and new blood had joined the team, I was made producer of a new series we’re calling Get Involved (GI). The basic premise is to have a presenter try out a sport or society that is active on campus and get an insight into what people can expect if they decide to get involved themselves. As a pilot I presented and edited a GI about the Mountaineering Club, since I used to be a member a couple years ago. You can watch the result above. Since then there have been two further Get Involved episodes, one of which I also directed and edited about the Music and Drama society. There are four more GI’s in the pipeline for release early next year, and I’m aiming to make the videos more presenter-led and less video-to-music focused. If you have any comments about any of these videos then I’d love to hear them.

I’ve also just finished work on a short sketch/advert that is very different to the factual documentary/news style shows I’m used to producing… so watch out for that in the coming weeks.

Zombie Apocalypse In London

2.8 Hours Later is a city-wide zombie chase game designed by Slingshot, a company that make games designed to be played in large urban environments. A few weeks ago the game came to London, and with our wits about us five friends and I went along… The video you are about to see shows you how three of these men survived, and how three became the un-dead.