A Summer in Lost Photographs

Today I want to walk you through some of the amazing times I had over the summer using photographs you haven’t seen before… let us begin…

Like so many good summer’s this one started with the end of the University year. Tradition is to go down to the lake on campus, have drinks and be merry with friends. The picture tells the rest of the story pretty well.
Will “drying off” after going on the wettest log flume ever at Drayton Manor theme park. We went there for the day with his sister and my sister because the canal goes right past the entrance! That first boat trip of the summer was amazing and provided much needed time off to relax.
Will and I being our usual stupid selves on one of the rides!
This was the summer that started me going to Schism rock club in Woking. The first Friday of every month is a rock/metal night which lots of our friends attend. Great atmosphere!
The first social organised by the committee of the Postgraduate Society was a Games Night in Wates House pub on campus. To our surprise, over 30 people showed up! It was a great success!
Ankur and I attended Grad Ball. A bitter sweet affair since it was the last time I’ve seen a lot of my friends who were graduating. But an amazing night, my favourite Grad Ball ever! And I’ve been to 5 now…
A photo of Ankur and I from a stall making mock movie posters at Grad Ball. Ankur makes a very attractive princess Leia!
Picnic in Richmond Park! Lots of climbing trees, eating cous-cous and chasing deer. How middle-class of us.
Boat Trip number 2! Only a weekend this time, but despite the injuries, everyone had a huge laugh! Highlights include eating wild boar sausages, randomly going to a rock club in Wolverhampton and playing the Ukulele for everyone :)
My 24th birthday was just a massive party! Hiring a room at the local church in London and having 30 friends eat and drink the night away! Here’s one of my presents, very awesome!
Bristol! The home of ALL THE CIDER! Great catching up with friends and seeing a city I’ve never visited before! I just wish Guildford had this much choice of cider… although maybe it’s for the best.
The Postgraduate Society stall at Freshers Fayre! We got over 150 sign-ups in one afternoon! The year is going to be big!
Our first Meet & Greet for new Postgrads took me by surprise when over 30 people showed up! We made it work though, can’t wait for the next one!

So that’s just a small snippet of the last few months, we haven’t even touched on the random nights out to Tickled Ivory, or the Comedy Nights at The Stoke, or the many trips to the cinema, or seeing Jamiroqui live, or trips to Cambridge… the list goes on! It’s been a seriously great summer! And lots to look forward to going into the last few months of the year :)

Stay classy x

National Poetry Day

Today is national poetry day, and as the long-time readers of this blog will know, I am privy to a bit of poetry every once in a while. Kind of cheating because I wrote this poem in the spring of 2011, and it doesn’t fit in with the theme of water, but hey-ho. You know those times when you have an important deadline at work, but while sat at your desk your mind can’t help but think about something else… someone, else?


I tried to write a line today,
Then you crept in my mind,
A smile swept across my face,
That I couldn’t leave behind.

I push the thought outside my mind,
To help my rhythm flow,
But soon it works its way back in,
And all my motives go.

I’ll imagine us in swimming pools,
In some faraway place,
And remember how you make the world,
A far more humbling space.

Why words on paper can’t compare,
To any of your charms,
And a thousand days I couldn’t bear,
Without you in my arms.

I cast my mind back to my desk,
Where all my thoughts must stay,
But how I’d wish, I could just kiss,
Your lips just once today.