My Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump

Christmas Eve 2014 in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Emily told me to go jump off a bridge, so I did.
43 metres above the glistening blue waters of the Kawarau river I perched on a wooden ledge – a towel tied around my ankles with a flexible cord dangling from it and a guy stood behind me telling me to jump. This wasn’t some sick nightmare, I’d actually paid to be here. And despite what my stomach was telling me, I was about to jump.
I took my last look down, the water looked so inviting, but I’m sure there were better ways to go for a dip in it. Nethertheless, I jumped. I had wanted to scream “YIPPIE KAI YAY” or yell out a manly roar, but in the moment all I did was fall – which came very naturally, I might add.
The water was hitting my hands before I knew it, cold and refreshing, but most importantly – I’d made it. I swung back up again, being tossed around by physics like a rag doll in a washing machine – and I loved every second of it. The smiles were all real.
I finally got into the support boat, and it was to be another 5 minutes before my heartbeat would return to its resting pace. Another New Zealand memory I won’t forget in a hurry.

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Garden Soc does RHS Wisley

Today Garden Soc went to the RHS Wisley garden. It was great to see how they organised their allotment (which is smaller than ours!) especially their compost bin which we’re hoping to replicate soon. I was surprised by the sheer variety of things to see over the 240 acre site – everything from herbs and heathers to ponds and bonsai. Favourites have to include watching wasps help pollination of flowers – I was literally mesmerised for about 20 minutes, and the butterfly house! Check out some of the photos below.

You can read more about the trip over on the Garden Soc blog.