A little more about the boat

That boat trip was immense!! It was really great to have Sophie, Julie, Lauren and Heather on the boat last week. We had a great time cruising down the river Thames.

We started off in Guildford on Sunday by doing lots of food shopping for the trip. Then we set off after dark for an hour or so just to take the boat for a spin without realising we weren’t allowed to boat at night (woops!) and then we moored on lock moorings which your not allowed to do either, so all in all a good start to the trip!

On Monday we went down the River Wey to the Thames at Shepperton. Lauren & Phil did most of the locks and we’re getting pretty efficient at it too… just in time for the river where they’re all done for us by lock-keepers! In the evening we happened to stop right outside a pub, what a shame!

Tuesday we got to Windsor at about 1pm and had a gorgeous pub lunch. The sun was out all the time which just made everything better! Then me and Sophie went off to The Fallow Field screening in Guildford which was really great to see. I spent the whole film smiling to myself whenever a noise I made came up, which was about every 20 seconds so my cheeks were sore by the end…

With the sun still shining we arrived in Henley on Wednesday afternoon with the dingy fully inflated and ready to be taken for a spin. After a few hours of ‘oar-ing’ we found a Wetherspoons to eat at :)

Pimm’s O’clock and cider time happened often, and I barely needed to touch the oven because the girls we’re taking care of all the meals (except full English breakfast which Phil had down to a tee!)

On Thursday one of my friends, Hugh, joined us at Reading. Hugh was over-excited about being on a boat, and rightly so! That night we stopped at Goring so we could pick up Jake the next morning. Then it was BBQ time!

On Friday we picked up Jake from the train station and set off to Abingdon. Spaghetti Bolognaise on the deck is definitely one of the highlights for me. Jake in the danger seat getting closer and closer to the edge :p

Since we were making such good time we got into Oxford at about mid-day on Sunday. Went to a bar and grill for lunch and had steak! Then the girls left on the train leaving the hard core of the crew: Phil, Jake and I.

more to come soon…