A Matter of Time

In the last 6 months I’ve managed to get myself involved in 3 weekly activities: garden society, roller derby and climbing. I’m really enjoying not only having a structure to my week, but also having regular social activities that feel far more productive that just sitting in the pub. Especially after a boring or stressful day it’s really rewarding to have a couple hours doing something different… and I probably couldn’t have picked three more varied activities.

Potluck poster

Monday – Garden Soc

Next week marks the re-start of our weekly Garden Society meetings after our winter hiatus. We start back with a potluck event – inviting members to bring a dish to share along to the social, creating a kind of crowd-sourced tapas evening.

Last weekend we continued work in the polytunnel, reusing old pallet wood to make planting bed borders. It’s such a productive way of spending some of your weekend and it always makes me feel more relaxed when I get back to it on Monday morning.

Spring is fast approaching and there’s lots to look forward to. The last few months have seen the garden transformed from a plot of dying grass and weeds to a bed of sprouting onions!

The transformation in just 5 months has been incredible!

Photo taken by Becky Griffin

Tuesday – Roller Derby

I started playing roller derby in May last year after the boys team organised a skate-a-marathon fundraiser around Goodwood racetrack. I had such an amazing time and everyone was so friendly that I knew I had to stick around.

Since then I’ve been attending weekly practice sessions and a couple months ago passed my minimum skills test in order to play on the actual team! I’m absolutely loving the challenge, and there’s nothing better to let out steam than smashing into a few people on roller skates. Hopefully this year I’ll get the chance to play in an official game.

Photo taken by Stuart James

Wednesday – Climbing

I’ve been climbing on and off now since I started university, but recently it’s had a revival of sorts. Mainly spurred on by my officemate Stu starting to climb, I’ve been going rather religiously for the last 8 months. We’ve even started lead climbing – essentially when you clip the rope to the wall as you climb up often resulting in some hairy moments where you’re frantically trying to clip in before you lose your hold and fall 8ft to your last clip. It’s really bought back the challenge and excitement that I felt when I first started climbing 6 years ago.

This year I’d like to go on more outdoor trips as well as upping my top rope grade from a 6b to a 7a.

In an ideal world I’d also like to do more swimming, especially in the mornings, as it’s proved really good before – but hey, it’s all just a matter of time.