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The journey to Oz was uneventful with us arriving pretty much as planned on Saturday morning. Our friends Karen and Ken met us the airport then took us immediately on a whistle-stop tour of Sydney before getting to their house for breakfast. A quick tour of the house, a walk around the neighbourhood of Lilyfield a trip to the beach and a visit to the Olympic Park for a concert saw out the day and it was time for our first night in a bed since Wednesday night.
As Karen (our host) has to work during the week we opted for a day out in the Blue Mountains together on Sunday so it was off in the car to enjoy the magnificent sights of the mountains fully covered in mist. Undeterred we did the mandatory bush walk, marvelled at waterfalls and generally were soaked in the rain.
Monday promised more of the same but was much better weather as we explored the delights of Sydney proper with a wander around the Opera House, Harbour and George Street.
The boys at the Met are saying that we will, have rain again tomorrow before the normal summer will return. I think we may be ready for it by then.

Happiness: 9/10
Workload: 0/10
photos: 258
Thought for the day: Just when will it stop raining?

2 thoughts on “A word from the sponsor”

  1. >That’s brilliant! Great to hear you got there safely and having a great time. Suppose the rain is a bit of a godsend really, eases you in.

    258 photos? That’s not bad going given that most of that time you were either on a plane or jet-lagged! I expect to see a few in the next update!

    Keep ’em coming!

    PS How’s the bush tucker?

  2. >Lovely to hear from you! Glad to hear you are having a GR8 1! Well you left us with snow last time you left and with sun this time…. Keep it coming! And God Bless x

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