Another One Bites The Dust

First exam done! Only 1 to go! After next Friday I will have completed all the university exams I will ever have to do in my life! Damn!

The last week has been great! Despite having to revise with the weather like it is can be a distraction, but going down to the lake for a spot of lunch every day is such bliss! It’s such a shame that just as the weather gets good everyone leaves university! Campus looks so beautiful this time of year!

  • Happiness. 7 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 0 out of 5
  • Workload. 7 out of 10 (still revision to go!)
  • Last Meal. I haven’t had breakfast! That’s why I’m so hungry! Damnit!
  • Song of the day. Michael Kiwanuka – I’m Getting Ready
  • Thought for the day. “If you’re going through hell. Keep going.” – Winston Churchill
  • What I’m Doing Now. Watching the Monaco Grand Prix! Our weather is as good as theirs! Haha!