April: The Best Moment

April was my month off for Easter. I’m not quite sure why the university felt that I needed a month off for Easter, in fact I found the whole thing a bit too much to handle. I spent a week at home, the first time I’d actually spent any real amount of time with my parents for almost a year now. But I also spent a lot of it back in Guildford and getting work done.

To that end, April was a mixed month. Without lectures and the daily slog of university life, I found myself enjoying the lighter things in life. Going to see The IT Crowd being filmed with a couple of friends was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, and I finally got that chance in April. Admittedly, we missed out on the first attempt by failing to follow a SatNav, causing us to get there about 10 minutes later than we should have been in order to get seats. But hey, hey, all good intentions meant we ended up going to Guildford Spectrum for a couple games of Bowling, followed by my first taste of Wagamama’s, a sort of noodle restaurant that has an interesting atmosphere and dishes not seen anywhere else.

Wagamamma’s reminds me of Chinese food. And unlike any take-away, it actually has all the rich flavours and spices you would expect from proper Chinese food. I definitely have a soft spot for Chinese food from my visits to China a few years ago, and I maintain that half the experience of Chinese food comes from the culture they try to reflect in their dishes. And while Wagamama’s is nowhere near that in reality, it certainly puts a new twist on other British restaurants and is heading in the right direction.

Coming back from the Wagamama’s side-note, I think April has been my favourite month of 2010 so far. It’s had up’s and down’s with revision, coursework and exam stress looming; but the trips to London, my cousin and sister visiting, as well a wedding and a few nights out made April a month to remember. But what was the best part?

It’s a tough one, and a very close call, but The King Blues gig was incredible and beats everything else. They were so good! My favourite band at the moment, and have been for almost a year now. They played all my favourite songs, as well as 5 Bottles of Shampoo, their Dizzie Rascal cover, I Got Love, and a lot of songs from their upcoming album. It was a brilliant night!


May is going to be completely different month, lots of revision and coursework and exam stress. I’m going to try and have fun in moderation, but there is a time and a place to start working, and university is all about making that balance. And never has it been more important than now…

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  1. >I have a way of destroying grammar that often results in unintended consequences.

    Yesterday I said "That's the price I'm willing to take…" bad times lol

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