Back to Flickr

If you have a keen eye then you might notice that the way photos are displayed on the blog has changed to look at bit cooler and modern-like. That’s because I’ve moved all the photos from this blog onto my Flickr account,

Ever since last May when Yahoo! announced the revamp of Flickr, including increasing the maximum free storage space to 1 TB, I’ve been tempted to start putting all my photos on there – I mean, just look at how cool it is! The photos are displayed in a new resizey-tiley way (technical term) and kept in the original size when you upload them, so it kind of acts as a backup if you ever need to get them again.

I want to start putting a lot more photos on Flickr, mainly because I’m starting to slowly phase Facebook out of my life and I want somewhere on-line that has all my photos so I can see them anywhere. And 1TB of space will allow me to do that. I mean, 1TB is about 300,000 12-megapixel photos… and that’s a lot of photos! Even my dad doesn’t take that many photos.

So, in conclusion, Flickr is pretty and therefore my blog is prettier. If you use Flickr you can add me as a friend, I feel very lonely on this one man island :(

Until next time x