Bad Day, or was it?

0000 – Decide to get some sleep as it has been a long day and want to be awake and ready for my 6 hours of lectures on Friday.

0030 – My wonderful room-mate Mariana decides to have a loud conversation on the phone in Portuguese, whatever she was saying, her laughter made it hard to get any sleep.

0740 – A full 20 minutes before I wanted to get up, but here I am. I suppose I must’ve got to sleep after all. But why am I awake. Oh, its just that constant piercing sound of the fire alarm. OK then, dressing gown on, shoes on, don’t forget your keys. Plod, plod, plod. “What room are you in?”, so I say my address. Plod, plod, plod, Sit. AAAH. The assembly point for this drill was the court common room. If I wasn’t so tired then I probably would’ve thought that it was a nice room and the seats very very cozy, as I’d never been in there before. As it was I quickly realized that I’d said the wrong address. Feeling more the fool, I went and corrected my error.

0750 – Back to sleep.

0800 – Rise and shine.

0900 – First lecture, signals and communications. I have no idea what this guy is saying or if I should even be worried that I don’t know what he’s saying. Luckily I have a copy of the notes, so I can hope he’s referring to them as they are pretty easy to understand.

1000 – Still half asleep into the second lecture: Analogue Electronics.

1100 – Now pretty much dead from the overload of information, Again, those notes will come in handy.

1130 – Time for a snack before my next lecture.

1200 – Engineering Mechanics. Either I’m not getting something or this lecture is so easy, a 2-year-old could do it. I don’t know what I prefer: Understanding nothing and worrying you’re an idiot, or understanding everything and worrying your you’re an idiot.

1300 – Finally, lunch time. Bramble Jelly on toast, my favorite! Only 3 hours of labs to go. Unfortunately given yesterdays series of events, the next three hours are not going to be over fast enough.

(Aside: Labs are basically a torture device comprised of 30 students locked in a room with electrical equipment, components and vague instructions. They then have to follow the instructions to completion and without fault, making notes and drawing diagrams and graphs, before the end of the session.)

1400 – WOO! HOO! LAB time! I start by redoing all of the work I did yesterday.

1430 – WOW! That really didn’t take as long as I thought it would. OK, now to check if it works. AHH. Better, but still not right. Whatever could be the problem………………………. Nope its none of those 17 million things I’ve just tried.

1630 – Maybe… Ahh, yes! Eureka! Right, now for the other 2/3 of the experiment.

1635 – “It looks like you’ve finally got that bit working, if you can get all the rest assembled and working by 5pm, I’ll be able to give you a good mark”

1700 – “Time to go”. Not now! I’m on a roll! Solder, component, solder, component… Why do metal detectors need so many parts!

1725 – Beep, Beep, BEEEEEP! YES!!! It works!!! That’ll be an A+ please. Thank you very much. *Skips Home*

Metal Detector

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 6/10
  • Last meal: Bramble Jelly on toast. Dinner is to be chilli and rice
  • Thought for the day: SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEEEEP!
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    1. >Labs sounds real fun. Whatever do you have to make? Or doesn’t it matter so long as everything joins up. And works without electrocuting anyone of course. I have to take the confirmation class trhis afternoon as Wilma is away till this evening. All about the bible!!!! There is nothing like a fire practice for waking the exhausted. Think yourself lucky you did not have to descend to the ground in some strange abseiling apparatus as I had to. My muscles were not the same for days. Enjoy today! Love Rockbadger.

    2. >See you are no idiot!!!! You understand that you dont understand and dont understand why you do understand… Welcome to my world Charlie…Congratulations! Im so proud of you!

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