Bank Holiday CANCELLED

So today I worked out my revision schedule for the next week, the final week before my exams. It doesn’t look pretty. Analogue Electronics, Circuit Theory, Digital Electronics, Signals & Communications, Mechanics, Acoustics, Engineering Science, Semiconductors and Mathematics. Time to stop thinking about trivial matters such as friendship, this is when the real cramming begins!

I have 4 2-hour exams, the first of which is in 1 week. Do I feel ready? No. Will I be ready? Yes. Will I pass? Definitely.

This evening I was going to see The King Blues at Rubix, but the gig was cancelled after the lead singer lost his voice. Still, it gave me a chance to not only eat more of my wonderful stir-fry noodles, but also to do some light revision.

I came across something today that made me think of you lot. It’s an trailer for a film coming out in Autumn called “Oh My God”. It’s a documentary asking all types of people from all over the world the age old question: “What Is God?”

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 11/10
  • Last meal: Stir fry noodles (tasted even better today!)
  • Thought for the day: After careful analysis and much research, I have decided that Swine Flu is not making it onto my “things to worry about” list, because I’ll probably never be infected and even if I was, it probably wouldn’t kill me.