BEDA: A Poet At Heart

Blog is such a funny sounding word. B-L-O-G. Who’s idea was this?

I feel like we’ve got to know each other over the many years of writing this blog. Over the years I’ve shared a few of my poems on these pages: Leaving, New Sunrise, Every Day, The Moment and Never Too Late. I still write occasionally, when I need to. I find the process just helps me get my head straight, the actual end result is a happy by-product. Every one is very special to me because it reminds me of how I felt at a particular moment in my life, which makes them difficult to show to other people.

Time heals all wounds, and today I want you to read a couple of short poems I wrote back in 2010. Seems like a millennium ago. I was finishing my second year at university, and had a placement lined up at Sony starting in the summer. I had a group of close friends who I couldn’t live without, and I couldn’t be happier.

Time To Smile

The flow of time can be a trial,
But not when I’m with you;
For every time I see you smile,
It makes me smile too.

Little Things

Sunshine on a rainy day
Cut grass and summer dew
The calling birds and morning breeze
Or the moment I hold you

Control My Heart

This head has many secrets
From when we said goodbye
The heart did not control my brain
And the moment passed us by

I don’t know when we’ll meet again
But I hope it can be soon
And maybe then you’ll see the pain
My heart can put me through

Back To Me

Sing back to me,
To the soul of my brittle thoughts,
Clasp the treasure of this moment,
Calm the heartbeat time forgot.

Say back to me,
Let me long deeply in your eyes,
Soft words spoken through your lips,
Catch my mind, see you inside.

Whisper back to me,
Let your breathing count to mine,
Place our warmth together,
Hold me close to lead the blind.

If time could last forever,
And hate and war could stop,
I’d ask you “stand beside me,
And show love time forgot.”

until tomorrow x