BEDA: Another step towards cloud broadcasting

Here I am again, blogging every day. Is it still April? The 8th? Is that it!

This morning the BBC announced Stagebox, a device that attaches to the back of a broadcasting camera, allowing it to send what it is recording over a network (such as the internet). I highly recommend you read the blog post on the subject because it talks a lot about what I was trying to say in the last few posts about the professional broadcasting industry moving to the cloud.

Just imagine in a few years when this product, that allows video to be immediately streamed to the cloud, can be linked with Sony’s Cloud Services. The BBC could have a reporter in the field recording straight to the cloud, where someone else is already editing the piece so it can go out later that day. It would potentially save hours where the camera would be physically transported back and the footage manually ingested into the production environment. And that’s just the start.

The automation possibilities here are literally endless. You could have producers of different shows being able to see the footage your taking and decide that it would be a great addition to their piece. An intelligent computer could show you other clips you might like in the same way that Amazon has a “people who bought this also bought…” section.

I’m telling you, it’s an exciting time to be alive. If you’re a geek like me!

I’ll stop geeking out at some point, but shows like CES, IBC and NAB do this to me. Normal service will resume shortly x