BEDA: Extreme Gay Tendencies

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Sometimes in life you just have to do something you know is stupid, just because it’s harmless fun. And that’s what happened today. My housemate Will and I launched an advice podcast called “Extreme Gay Tendencies“.

After a particular occasion when Will and I had been doing a spot of DIY in a cupboard together, we were at the pub telling our mates about the adventure. The story, involving two shirtless, handsome, men screwing a pole together in a small cupboard on a hot day got the impression across to our friends that we might not be letting on the whole truth. In fairness to our compadres, this wasn’t the first story of this nature that had been told – it was more like the latest in a long list. When the accusations came that Will and I were hiding (badly) a strong physical connection between us we mearly stated that neither of us are gay, but that we had extreme gay tendencies that, to the observer, could be easily confused with the kindlings of a civil partnership.

The podcast is an idea that has been floating around for a while now, and it is largely an excuse for us to have cocktails with our friends. We are under no allusions that it’s a good idea, but we don’t care, since it’s such a laugh to make. The podcast has supposedly got a framework:

  1. Our pathetic lives. In which Will, I and our special guest (different in every episode) update each other on general goings on in life.
  2. Cocktail. Will shows off his cocktail-making skills by making a different cocktail every episode. This is the only way we would ever get guests to come on the show.
  3. 50 Shades Generator. We challenge our guest to read an except from the very explicit fifty shades generator, a website that automatically generates erotic fiction at the click of a button.
  4. Topics. The part of the show where we attempt to think of anything that might have happened in the news.
  5. Advice. The point of the podcast if ever there was one. Listeners ask us questions and we attempt to answer them. If you have a question you want to ask then you can send an email to, or post to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

If you don’t mind having your ears harassed for 25 minutes then our first episode is on YouTube now, called Pinging Simon’s Pants. We’re hoping to get episode two out in a couple of weeks. Sorry in advance if you do choose to listen to it.