BEDA: Mumisms

mum·i·sm [muhm-iz-uhm]
A word or phase used by my mother that closely resembles an actual word or phase, typically technical in nature, but is in fact a humours reflection on modern life. I love my mother to bits, and these are too brilliant not to share.
“I went home at the weekend and heard this stonking mumism”

In·ter·webs [in-ter-webs]
More commonly known as the internet. While now adopted as a common mispronunciation, it was first used by my mother as early as 2003.
“I’ve just got my email on the interwebs”

My·face [mahy-feys]
Pertaining to social networks and social networking.
“now I’m on the interweb you can come on myface anytime” – My Mum, 2013 (when joining Facebook)

E·tube [ee-tyoob]
An on-line video portal where videos are shared amongst its users across the interwebs.
“what’s the best video on etube?”

The web·site [thuh web-sahyt]
A place where everything can be found.
“can you just check on the website?”, “I saw it on the website”

Lam·bor·ge·nie [lam-bawr-jee-nee]
A fast car.
“He’s so rich, he just bought a lamborgenie”

In·ter·face [in-ter-feys]
Referring to YouTube. I was confused as well.
“I saw it on the interface”

Two Cin·e·ma Seat [too sin-uh-muh seet]
A Northern Irish indie rock band more commonly known as Two Door Cinema Club.
“I love that album you got me for Christmas by two cinema seat”

De·face [dih-feys]
To remove, or “un-friend”, someone from Facebook.
“Once we’re friends can I deface them?”


I will be keeping the BEDA posts coming long into May. Maybe it should be called BAFT (Blog All the F-ing Time)… Until next time x

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