BEDA: Music of the last 12 months

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Today I’m going to run through what the music service reckons my most listened to songs of the last 12 months are. Because I don’t have on my phone, or my old MP3 player, or at work, the list is very restricted to basically what I listen to on my desktop at home, but nevertheless… there’s a list, so I’m going to use it.

  1. Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning, 23 plays. This song is the first song on my Sunday Morning playlist. Yes, I have a Sunday Morning playlist. In my eyes, this song is the perfect way to start a lazy day.
  2. Paolo Nutini – Million Faces, 24 plays. A beautiful album. And this song is one of the more under-rated Paolo Nutini songs. Chilled out and relaxing.
  3. Urusen – Vote For Me, 25 plays. My Mum actually bought this album after seeing them live. I thought I’d give it a go, and this is by far my favourite song from the album. There seems to be a trend of good, chilled out stuff on this list so far. I guess that’s because when I’m in my room I’m usually after music that will just mellow me out and de-stress after a long week.
  4. Earth, Wind & Fire – September, 25 plays. An absolute classic. And it somewhat became our house anthem last year – the number of times I’d wake up to this song is in the hundreds I’m sure. And if this is the soundtrack to the start of your day, then you knew it was going to be a good day.
  5. Mr. Scruff – Spandex Man, 25 plays. This song has chill and party – just like the rest of Mr Scruff. The perfect music to have on your headphones while coding, and the perfect “let’s go out” track. Legendary.
  6. Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up, 27 plays. When I saw that Jason Mraz had a new album out, I immediately found a website where I could listen to the whole thing. So I did. And I fell in love. It’s chilled (again, of course!), but it’s also very energetic in places. This song is perfect for a summer evening.
  7. Jason Mraz – The Freedom Song, 31 plays. I love brass instruments in songs! It’s so happy and “let’s go”. How can you not love this track?
  8. John Legend – Ordinary People, 44 plays. I hadn’t heard this song before April last year, and it grabbed me when I heard it. It’s one of the reasons I still regard Will.I.Am as an incredible artist/producer/songwriter even if his new single with Britney Spears is a pile of steaming poo.
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (acoustic version), 45 plays. I love the simplicity of the acoustic version as opposed to the pop-ed up original. And when you hear it constantly for months you need to listen to it to get it out of your head. That’s how that works, right? Still, I’d rather have this being played everywhere than frickkin Gangnam Style.
  10. Jason Mraz – Everything Is Sound, 75 plays. To this day, this is my go-to singing in the shower song. I just can’t help myself. So catchy and so happy.

So there you go. I sing in the shower, have a Sunday Morning playlist and listen to a lot of Jason Mraz.

Love you all, until tomorrow x