BEDA: Paradox

This should have gone out yesterday, but it didn’t. Still, better late than never!

Sometimes I feel like my personality is a paradox, like I don’t really fit into any neat box or category. I had a conversation yesterday about stereotypes and I think this stems from that. I mean, you label someone a convict and you immediately assume several things about that person. Drugs, violence, abuse, volatile, outsider. You label someone an grade A student, and you think of glasses, social ineptness, shy, video games, etc. But in reality, no-one fits into a box. We’re not that 2-dimensional, it’s just a human trait that we feel like everything and everyone needs to be categorized. But these labels only lead to false assumptions about someone.

There’s a trend going around YouTube at the moment of people “drawing their life”. Think of it as telling your life story in a a few minutes, and drawing pictures along the way. One I found particularly interesting is Phillip DeFranco‘s. I don’t want to go too much into it here, you should watch the video yourself, but it made me realise that this guy that comes off very confident and head-strong has not always been like that – and I daresay, sometimes still isn’t. I’m very tempted to make my own “draw my life”, but we’ll see.

When people meet me they might make a few assumptions based on first impressions, we all do it, but it’s when you get past those traits in a person and really understand who they are, that you make a real connection.

You might look at my university grades and think I’m a massive workaholic and all the connotations that go with that. While it is true that I like working, it’s only when it’s on something I find very interesting. I struggle like everyone else when it comes to writing reports about stuff I don’t have an interest in. I find myself procrastinating a lot, but when I do get down to work I focus 100% and try my best. I never tried to just get a pass grade on anything, I believe that you should always do anything you do to the best of your ability, anything less and you’re only cheating yourself. Does that make me a workaholic? I don’t think so.

You might see my website, and videos, and “geek talk”, and think that I’m a massive geek and all the connotations that go with that. It is true that I’m very interested in technology, I like to read tech-y blogs, write code and design websites; but I’m not your “traditional geek”. I’ve never seen Star Wars, or Star Trek. I don’t really play video games (other than RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, back in the day), and I’ve never really been into shoot-em ups. I love climbing, swimming, cycling, walking, making videos… I spend my free time with friends in pubs, or making silly podcasts – not getting to level 100 on Warcraft. But then, I don’t know anyone who would probably be considered a full-on geek. I like poetry, but that doesn’t mean I listen to classical music or pick flowers at the weekend.

Maybe all of these stereotypes are just an unattainable “ideal” of sorts, forged from so much public perception that no-one is ever really like that. No-one is defined by just one thing. That’s what makes us so beautiful and unique.

until tomorrow (aka, later today) lots of love x