Been there, didn’t SAW that

Hi Y’all.

First off. You should have noticed that there is a new addition to the blog. On the right-hand side you can see my Flickr photostream. For those not acquainted with ‘the Flickr’, basically it is a list of photos that I have put on the web. They are shown showing the most recent first. The bit here only shows the last 3 photos, but clicking on the “charlesuni’s photostream” button will show you all of them. You can also see a bigger picture by simply clicking on the picture.

The pictures there are of ‘the house’, so check them out and leave a comment!

Now onto today’s topic, Thorpe Park.

Yesterday, Lauren, Mariana, Heather and I went to Thorpe Park! It was a lovely sunny day and a great time was had by all. If you’ve been reading the news, you’ll know that their newest ride, SAW-the ride, opened yesterday. So, what was it like? Well, I don’t know. You see, the ride broke down after about 2 hours, before we’d had a chance to go on it. It was then closed for the rest of the day, so we never got a chance. It looked brilliant though and I can’t wait until I go back after Easter to get my first fray with it!

Other than that disappointment, the day was a great success. We managed to go upside down 29 times in all, and, because of the SAW fail, got FREE tickets to go back!!! Result!

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Workload: 7.8/10
  • Last meal: Leftover pasta thing (contains: bacon)
  • Thought for the day: “Portuguese is so sexist!”