Bob’s not your uncle…

Wow… only a week of October left! It’s been a crazy month, and here’s why:

Work. The project I’ve been assigned to has really twisted up a notch and it’s taking all my time at work now. I’m really enjoying being hands on with the technical side of the project and I’ve learnt so much about Linux, Java, networking, databases and servers!

The project is currently undergoing the pre-build phase in Basingstoke (where I work), and the next stage is to install and test the system at the customer site. As many of you know by now that customer is situated in Switzerland. As of next weekend I will be working in Switzerland for over a month. It’s going to be fantastic and now it’s such a short time away I can start getting really excited. I will be coming back to the UK for a couple of weekends in November, but that is it.

I am going to a place called Lugano, which is south Switzerland, pretty much on the Italian border.


^ Lugano’s location


^ As you can see, it’s a bit of a dump :P

My job is to install and configure the system, and then provide technical support during testing, training and go-live.

After weeks of uncertainly as to the dates I will be flying to Lugano, I am now confident that I will be going next Sunday. While I’m out there I’m planning on having my phone connected up to receive and make calls as if I was in the UK. I’ll also be taking my laptop and stuff so Skype, email and this blog will still be done!

As for everything else, last weekend I went to Thorpe Park for my annual Fright Nights visit (now something of a tradition) and this week I went Go Karting with work (pictures to come).

I highly recommend both!


^ Left to right: Heather, Viv, Anne and Lauren at Thorpe Park :D

  • Happiness. 7 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 3 out of 5
  • Free Time. 1 out of 5
  • Last Meal. Pizza
  • Song of the day. The King Blues – Taking Over
  • Thought for the day. “$ ps –ef | grep java” (Linux command)
  • What I’m Doing Now. Busy day tomorrow: getting ready for Switzerland, progress on the MADTV project and seeing people :o)

PS check out some pictures from recent times… be my guest