Busy is the word

It’s been busier than Hollywood since I last posted.

Friday I ended up spending a lot of time working on the project to (again) make little progress. Hopefully something can be sorted this week. (It needs to be done by next Thursday)

The weekend was all about stage crew training. On Saturday I learnt about patching lights and using sound effects to improve how a band sounds.

On Sunday I setup and ran video for the gig. We had 10 cameras in the end and 6 people helping operate cameras. It was brilliant fun and definitely the most successful video I’ve ever done for a gig.

Monday was nothing special. I met up with my housemates for next year (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the special post) and we looked at the university’s housing list. I’m really excited about living with them next year, it’s gonna be really great.

Today I think all the commotion caught up with me. I’ve been really, really tired all day, which hasn’t been good. Sophie made everyone pancakes which we’re really tasty! Tonight I’m off to comedy night (I’d never miss that!) and then straight to bed.

The week in brief:

  • Wednesday. Maths lecture, programming, media lab club.
  • Thursday. Lost, work
  • Friday. Don’t know
  • Weekend. ???

The thing is that at the moment there are a few things up in the air about this week and I need to see how much work I get/get done before I decide whether I’ll go or not.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: PANCAKES!!!! (thanks Sophie!)
  • Thought for the day: Looking forward to Laser Quest next Tuesday

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  1. >It’s good to be busy!!!!! Ash Wednesday service excellent but missed usual suspects i.e. K and M and Alan. Looking forward to seeing their million pics. Have provided K and M with A SUITABLE welcome home card!!!!!!! Love GA

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