Busy Week: Friday

Well, I wasnt’ wrong when I said it would be a busy week. Here’s the consensus:

Monday. The stage crew AGM was brilliant. Not only as I was elected VEO, but that the rest of the committee are people I know will be dedicated to getting things done. Not to mention the curry afterwards, that was the best curry I’ve had in ages (probably because I didn’t have to do the washing up!)

Tuesday. I finished my programming assignment and submitted it. Did my laundry. The MAD TV meeting had a sparse turnout, but I’m confident the interest will pick up when the show had been publically launched.

It turned out I didn’t have time to go climbing this week because I instead finally met up with my housemates for next year. We got on really well and seem to all have similar interests (my next special post will hopefully be about the whole house situation and the story so far)

Wednesday. Tried to do work on my project, but failed. Will try again today after doing a bit more research. Got some free safety boots from stage crew. Steel-toed, pretty suave.

Thursday. Me and James had a brilliant time together. James cooked us both a great green curry and then we went for a short walk to the cathedral and back. Went to the student bar to listen to some artists at open mic night then finished off by going to one of my friend’s parties. I really enjoyed myself and it looked like James did too.

Friday. Today I have to make some headway with my project work. Then tonight I’m going over to Josh’s to help him replace his hard drive. Who said I didn’t know how to have fun?

  • Happiness: 7.5/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Cereal
  • Thought for the day: “If you ever need a dancing crow, you know who to call”