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Back on the outside?

It is now 12:20am Sunday and we have arrived back in Sydney from our adventure into the the interior of Oz.
On Monday we flew to Alice Springs and the delight of 38 deg’s; which is quite warm.
On Tuesday we were taken by coach to see some big rocks and the big red rock in the middle of the desert know as Uluru which is actually quite spectacular.
On Wednesday we flew to Cairns.
Thursday we snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef which is stunningly stunning
Friday we caught the narrow gauge train to Kuranda and the cable car back.
Saturday we sent around Cairns before flying Sydney and the delights of an Eagles Concert in the Olympic Park.

In the morning our great Oz adventure will end as we make our way back to good’ol UK for Monday morning.


It’s not normally like this!

Hi again from Oz.

We are back in Sydney after our holiday from the holiday so have time for a quick post before heading off into the great wide interior tomorrow. It is currently 8:45pm on Sunday here on the day that Australia held a Day Of Mourning for the victims of the Victoria Bush Fires on what they are calling Black Monday. Not surprising the dreadful news has dominated the news agenda whilst we have been here. It has been insightful to read the news reports and articles about the horrendous experiences that individuals have had.

Of course we have not been directly affected as we have gone about our business of being tourists. On Thursday we went for a walk around the local bay before assisting Ken in collecting his daughter and family from the airport, before we headed off for a last visit into Sydney with a walk across the Harbour Bridge (at road level). A quick meal in the local Italian and then it was a three hour drive north to Forster arriving at about 1am.

Friday we had a walk along 1 mile beach before tking the boat out onto the ocal sea lake for a trip. Great ful weaving between the oyster beds.

Saturday it was off in the boat again this time on the fresh water lake off to Sandy Beach which turned out to be flooded as the water level was 1metre higher than normal (that will be the rain we had) or as K+K said letting us know ‘it’s not normally like this’. A lovely and relaxing spot only accessible by boat.

Toady we journeyed back via the Hunter Valley and a number of the wineries to sample their delights.

Off to Alice tomorrow and the start of week 2 of the great Oz adventure.

Happiness: 12/10
Workload: -7/10
Photos taken: 576
Thought for the day: I don’t think my insurance covers me for that!

A view from the downside

It is Wednesday evening here in Oz. This will probably be the last post as we are off to Forster tomorrow evening. We will return late on Sunday in time to set off into the interior on Monday morning.

On Tuesday we continued to do battle with the rain. We caught the ferry to Manly on the other side of the harbour and enjoyed a long walk along the waterfront path to Spit Bridge before returning for fish and chips on the beach. A quick ferry trip back and a walk down to Paddy’s Market to find it closed before heading back for tea and a trip to the pub.

Last night it rained loads, parts of NSW are flooded, but sadly it does not seem to be raining in Victoria where they could do with it.

Undeterred this morning we stuck with the plan and headed off to Coogee for the coastal walk to Bondi Beach. Pretty good walk it was too especially when as we turned the headland into Bondi the sun came out at long last. A quick paddle and bus ride later saw us at Paddys Market again to find it still closed but this time we found the sign that says ot opens on Thursday’s Friday’s and Saturday’s. We ambled around a bit as we made our way to explore the delights of Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay where had a few beers and dinner then watched all the lights come after sunset before we made our journey back to the tram and Lilyfield.

It was great to finally feel that Oz sunshine. Just in time me thinks before we head off into the heat of Alice next week.

(Sorry no pics in the posting as how to do that was not in my training!)

Happiness: 9.5/10
Workload: -5/10
Photos taken: 426
Thought for the day: It’s just the one Stella tonight please!

A word from the sponsor

The journey to Oz was uneventful with us arriving pretty much as planned on Saturday morning. Our friends Karen and Ken met us the airport then took us immediately on a whistle-stop tour of Sydney before getting to their house for breakfast. A quick tour of the house, a walk around the neighbourhood of Lilyfield a trip to the beach and a visit to the Olympic Park for a concert saw out the day and it was time for our first night in a bed since Wednesday night.
As Karen (our host) has to work during the week we opted for a day out in the Blue Mountains together on Sunday so it was off in the car to enjoy the magnificent sights of the mountains fully covered in mist. Undeterred we did the mandatory bush walk, marvelled at waterfalls and generally were soaked in the rain.
Monday promised more of the same but was much better weather as we explored the delights of Sydney proper with a wander around the Opera House, Harbour and George Street.
The boys at the Met are saying that we will, have rain again tomorrow before the normal summer will return. I think we may be ready for it by then.

Happiness: 9/10
Workload: 0/10
photos: 258
Thought for the day: Just when will it stop raining?