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June: The Best Moment

June was exam month in every sense of the word. Well, there is only one sense of that word, but that’s definitely what it was.

There were a few good points to June, despite the exams. My last day of revising was definitely one. Me and a few of my course mates spent the whole day in the library revising for our last exam. It went really well and is definitely the reason I got 77% in that exam. Oh yea, that’s right! I got my results on Thursday :P I’ll give you the full breakdown in the next post, but I got another 1st!

Anywho, back to June and the best moment. I thought this month would be hands down won by one party in particular that happens at the end of every year… but there was a very good contender.

One of my friends hired a bouncy castle for the day. It was a lovely summer day, BBQ in tow and a lot of friends and their friends. It was a great day, met a few new people and spent too many hours bouncing :)

But the best moment of June was by far the lake party. Despite not remembering more of it than I care to remember, it was such a good laugh. So many friends, the music, the atmosphere, the full English breakfast… just quality.

Heather Lake (24)

And June can’t be mentioned without a least saying something about Wimbledon! Such a quality day, honestly one of the best days of my life ever! If I hadn’t been to Wimbledon before last year this day would have won hands down, but I wanted to give it to the lake party because it was something incredible that I’d never done before.

Turns out picking a best moment for June was harder than I thought… I think because of the stress of exams right up until the end of June, the last 10 days proved to be quite special. June really was a month of highs and lows. The lake party, Wimbledon and the bouncy castle coupled with moving house, arguments and revision. A tough month, but with a well worth-while reward.

The End of Year 2: Part 7 – Bumble B Tuna

The last post in the series covering the modicum of events that hatched in the week after my last exam.

After the moral maze of Wednesday and Thursday that ended in me changing my decision on who to live with for the next 12 months, all my energy had been spent. The rest of the week comprised of me moving out of ZION and into 63 (as it shall now be known). With the help of Josh and his dad’s horse trailer, all my things (a lot as it turns out) moved 2 minutes down the road to my new home.

The rest of the time was a combination of tidying ZION before we all left, and playing with Bumble B Tuna. Bumble B Tuna is the name given to a cat that had taken to coming into the house and keeping us company on a daily basis:




Josh left the house on Thursday, Will on Friday and Viv on Saturday. On Sunday morning Anne left with her dad to travel back to Guernsey, and I was left all alone :(

I packed up the last of my things and sat in the garden for the last time… Using a Tesco shopping trolley to carry the last of the food in the freezer, I walked to 63. This was now my new home and my next new start.

Tomorrow is another accommodation post, since there’s a lot of that at the moment. I’ll introduce you to the house, my housemates and tell you how this year is going to be another memory masterpiece that’s just waiting to be painted :)

Special Post #35: Accommodation, Part 12 – The End of Year 2: Part 6 – A Change of Plan

Another post in the on-going series about all things to do with where I lay my head at night. It’s also part 6 in the almost-over-series about the week following my last second year exam, which was also coincidentally my last week in my first ever house, and the first few days in my second house!

In a post a couple of months ago I talked about my plans for living on my placement year. It was a hard decision to live in Guildford, but Basingstoke is only an hour’s commute away and getting to spend another year close to all my friends at university had to be done.

Josh had been asked by his best friend, Chris Nash, to live with him next year. Together with Chris Nash’s housemate Chris Ashton and me, we had enough people to get a house. Ashton and Nash looked at houses and eventually found one they liked. Josh and I looked around and agreed to get it. It was really exciting to know that I had a house with Josh next year, but even better given how great the house was!

Since then we’ve got together once as a house to meet the estate agent and pay the holding deposit for the house.

The tenancy for the house didn’t start until the middle of August, so between the end of June and mid-August I had nowhere to live. At first I was going to go home for 6 weeks and commute to Basingstoke from London, but then a few of my friends told me that they had a spare room I could use…

Frankie and Claire from MAD TV had a room in their house that they hadn’t found a housemate for yet. They needed a 5th housemate for the whole year and I was their first choice. At first I declined living with them for the whole year because I was already planning on living with Josh, but I told them I could live there for 6 weeks over summer. This made the commute a lot easier, and meant being in Guildford for Guilfest, Phil’s graduation and other things. It was a done deal, all they needed to do was find someone to take the other 11 months and I could pay them back the months rent.

The reason I declined to live there for the whole year at first was because I didn’t want to let Chris and Josh down by backing out of the house deal now. The Thorpe Park trip last week was meant to be a time to meet Chris and Chris and find out more about the people I was going to live with for a year. In the end, Chris Ashton had to cancel and Chris Nash spent the whole day with Josh and Jess and not everyone else. That was the chance I had to get to know my future housemates before living with them. That evening I did a lot of thinking.

Since my other friends still hadn’t found a 5th housemate, and I still hadn’t signed a contract for the house, I was in a position to make a decision. Do I stick to my guns and live with Josh in a great house, but possibly not get on with Chris and Chris? Or do I live with Frankie and Claire, who I know I get on with? There were other factors that went into the decision that aren’t fair to go into on a public blog, but it’s fair to say it wasn’t easy, at all.

A month prior I had to make the same decision when Claire and Frankie asked me for the first time. Since then I’d kind of been regretting saying no, but at the same time knew it was the only choice without a lot of hassle which I couldn’t deal with on top of my exams. But a month later, with a fresh head and new information, I changed my mind.

I chose to do what I wanted to do rather than what I had to do to please other people. I told Josh the following day and he understood that I’d been thinking about it for a while.

If you’ve managed to follow all of that then well done, it was a spaghetti of a situation and I’m still untangling the ends. but the long and the short of it is that I’m living with a different set of people next year in a different house. I’ll write a post very soon about them all and the house, but tomorrow is another post about my last week in Zion :) So much happening…. phew!

Special Post #34: Accommodation, Part 11 – The End of Year 2: Part 5 – Goodbye Zion

This is part of the on-going series about home sweet homes. It is also Part 5 of the also on-going-but-not-for-much-longer series about the rollercoaster of events that took place after my last exam in year two and in my last week living in my first ever house!

For the last year I have been living in a 5-bedroom house about 20 minutes walk from campus. We dubbed it ZION.

Zion was, and will forever be, my first house. It’s been a fantastic experience, and even better given how good our landlord has been with any problems we’ve had.

A top tip I’d give to anyone looking at sharing a house ever is to get a joint account. We used it to pay rent and bills. Just by putting an extra £30 in each every month meant we could easily pay bills without having to chase people up about money every month. However, save your sanity and avoid Natwest at all costs!

I’d also suggest anyone to get a rota for cleaning. We didn’t and it definitely showed. Over time little jobs like the washing up become mammoth tasks, but if everyone had done a little bit every week then it may have worked out a lot better for everyone.

You learn so much about people when you live with them. I didn’t really know Anne, Will or Viv before living with them this year, yet I can’t imagine it without them. Looking back now, I’ve only ever known them as housemates, potential housemates or otherwise, and it’s going to be strange going forward staying in touch as just friends. But I have this year and Zion to thank for introducing us (and Josh of course :P). I know that we will all stay friends for life :)

Josh, on the other hand, was my best friend last year, so I already knew his as a friend before we decided to live together. But even then, this year has only strengthened our friendship. I had my doubts that being on the same course and living in the same house would be overkill, but it was quite the opposite. It’s been so helpful with coursework and revision that I literally don’t know how I’d have coped half the time if Josh wasn’t only a walls width away. Especially in the year after Christmas when we’ve been in the same lab group and doing lots of work together.

As this great year comes to a close, I can’t help but think how unique this experience was. It couldn’t have been better, I wouldn’t change a thing and I couldn’t have wished for better housemates. I’ll miss tickle time, Anne laughing at nothing, Will’s strange eating habits (how many times I watched as he cooked fish finger sandwiches I don’t know), Josh’s wall knocking and singing in the kitchen and Viv’s weird noises. Forever Zionites.

The next part in the accommodation series, and the End of Year 2 series, is about my new house and housemates and why I’m no longer living with Josh next year…

The End of Year 2: Part 4 – Cowboys & Rollercoasters

So much has happened since the end of my last exam that I feel the only way to do it justice is go over it bit by bit. The saga is on-going until it ends so who knows how many parts this will have…

After one of the best spontaneous days of the year on Monday at Wimbledon, Tuesday was almost the opposite. Anne had been planning her 20th Birthday party and looking forward to it for longer than I care to remember. She had planned a fancy dress party at our house in the evening which was going to be a good laugh, but first there was a small matter of a costume.

Josh, Jess and I had come up with the idea of going as Cowboys. A trip to the party shop later and the transformation could commence…


It was a great party, lots of friends, but most importantly all the house was there. I can’t remember the last time we all went to a party together, probably because it was last year at the earliest, and it was great fun. It’s a shame that only in the shadow of saying goodbye could this happen, but it just shows how busy we all were all year. With Josh on Christian Union, Anne and Will on ChemSoc and me at MAD TV, it became impossible to do things together. But that made the few times we all spent together even more special. I’m really going to miss them all, it’s been such a brilliant year!


Talking about the shadow of goodbye, the following day we’d all arranged to go to Thorpe Park together for one last full day together and to celebrate Anne and Josh’s birthday. The day had been planned months ago and we’d all been really looking forward to a last day of chill before having the clean the house and say goodbye.


Unfortunately the day didn’t go as planned. In the morning Josh and his friend Chris Nash, who was also coming to Thorpe Park, missed the train we were all getting on. This meant Josh, Chris and Jess spent all day without us and we didn’t get the last day together we’d all been looking forward to. I don’t like to think that this ruined the day in any way, but it certainly dominated conversations. That evening I had a decision to make…

The next two posts in this series are going to be accommodation posts. A lot has changed in the last 7 days regarding housing, not least of which is moving out of my current house and into a new abode.

  • Happiness. 8 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 4 out of 5 (unpacking…)
  • Workload. 0 out of 10 (can’t get board of typing that)
  • Last Meal. Pork pie
  • Song of the day. B.o.B – Airplanes ft. Paramore
  • Thought for the day. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" – Oscar Wilde
  • What I’m Doing Now. Relaxing at my sisters :) Life. Is. Goood.

The End of Year 2: Part 3 – Centre Court Baby!

So much has happened in the last week that I feel the only way to do it justice is go over it bit by bit. The saga is on-going until it ends so who knows how many parts this will have…

Up at 5am to go to Wimbledon! I’d got very little sleep the night before thanks to Josh’s snoring! But we prevailed and joined the queue at 6:30am. We were 2200 in the queue already, and it was going to be a long wait…

After talking, playing tennis with a foil ball, listening to music, playing rummy and making the most of the freebies, we finally got into Wimbledon. Criddle knows everything about tennis, so he was our guide for the day. We watched a British girl playing in the first match, she unfortunately lost after 3 sets even though she was obviously the better player. She just couldn’t control her emotions and stay on top of the game when it mattered.

Then we went onto Henman Hill to watch the end of the Federer match. At one point it looked like Federer might loose, but he managed to claw it back, as he always does.

After that we watched a show court match and I saw a tennis player who has the best name ever: “Ramon Delgado”. That’s the new name of my alter-ego. The name in itself is a chat up line. No woman would ever be able to resist Ramon Delgado :D

Then, on our way to another court, we were given two tickets to centre court by two people just leaving! Two tickets! To centre court! We took it in turns to go in, and it was amazing! You have to see the pictures to get the full idea, but it was definitely the highlight of the day!

After that it was time to leave sadly. We had to get back to Guildford in time for Anne’s birthday the next day…

OK, so this post got a bit long, so next time I’ll talk about Anne’s birthday party…

The End of Year 2: Part 2 – Bouncy Time

So much has happened in the last week that I feel the only way to do it justice is go over it bit by bit. The saga is on-going until it ends so who knows how many parts this will have…

After the events of the lake party, I woke up after a measly 4 hours sleep, which had been interrupted by 2 phone calls and a text message. Headache and memory loss played a part before taking to Will about what happened. We agreed to arrange a meet up with a few friends and go to Wagamama’s. A dozen text messages later and my stomach was more than ready for food. It was a great meal, good to see people again and just relax for the first time in weeks without having to worry about exams and revision.

After that, we headed back to our house for a spot of Monopoly and Strudel. Not the first time a night has ended this way, and I hope it isn’t the last. I just need to get better at monopoly…

On Sunday Criddle and I met up to buy snacks for Wimbledon the following day. A trip to Tesco later and we headed over to Emily’s for a bouncy castle BBQ. That’s right. Bouncy. Castle. BBQ.

It was amazing, the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and a great way to expend energy. Sunshine, burgers and friends are what Sunday’s were made for.

Sunday evening Criddle, Josh and I went to my house in Balham so we could get up and off to Wimbledon early in the morning. So good to see Beth again after so long. Loving the relaxing and chilling, can’t get enough of it.

So much for an early nights sleep as we got to bed at 1am for our 5am start to queue for Wimbledon!

That brings us up to Monday, Wimbledon day. The next post will cover Wimbledon and Anne’s birthday on Tuesday… still have Thorpe Park and moving out to talk about too!