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Special Post #23: Top 40 Moments 2009, Part 2

This is part 2 in a mini-series of posts that looks into the best year of my life, two thousand and nine. I’m continuing to look into the best moments.

Make sure you’ve checked out the first part which covers numbers 40 to 31 before you continue reading.

#30: Taking The Adventurous Route Under The M5 On The Boat

Kicking off this 10 is another moment from the boat trip. Becky and I decided to take the alternative route to Merry Hill from Birmingham. It’s another 6 locks, but the canal plays chicken with the M5, which makes for some very arty shots.

#29: Snow Day!

Realising all lectures were cancelled on snow day and joining in a massive snowball fight. One of the best things was just how unexpected and impromptu the whole thing was.

#28: Waves On The River Thames Boat Trip

This was such an amazing day. Seeing all the best sights in London in a very short space of time and from a completely unique view all while fearing for your life! But seriously, it made me realise just how compact London really is.

#27: Drinking Too Much At Jongleurs The Day Before My 20th

A good night of comedy and getting a lot of my friends in one place for the first time. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, except maybe paracetamol in the morning! And the train home was not the best experience thanks to the people sat behind us (people who were there will know what I’m on about!)

#26: Getting Sun Burnt At Wimbledon (And Queuing!)

One of the few times I’ve spent with my mum this year. Such a great thing to do and despite being burnt to high heaven, it was great to watch professional tennis at the best tennis championship in the world!

#25: Royal Ascot With Josh And The Pink Bench Picture

I had such a great week, and I remember coming away from it with a new found respect for checkout staff and people who liaise with the public.

#24: Phil, Julie & I Standing At The Back Of The Boat In The Rain

I don’t know why. I guess you had to be there.

#23: All the dingy fun in Henley

This was comedy beyond belief. Good times like this don’t come along very often, but then they do they can knock you back and make you appreciate just how great your friends are. This was one of those moments.

#22: Phil Almost Falling In At The Lock

As we entered the lock Phil had the job of putting the front rope around the bollard. Phil had had plenty of practice at this, he knew that as the boat crept in I would line him up so he could throw the rope over the bollard.  I’d then put the boat into reverse to stop it, and this would pull the front of the boat away from the side, but because Phil had the rope around the bollard, he could hold the front in.

All was going well, Phil had managed to get the rope around the bollard, but as the boat crept away from the side, he lost the end of the rope. Phil being the man he is doesn’t give up easily, so lent over to get the rope. In this motion, the boat got further away from the side, leaving Phil no option but to jump for the side of the lock. Phil was now precariously positioned hanging from the side of the lock.

Luckily the man on the boat in front had spotted Phil so came running over quickly. But instead of helping Phil out of his predicament, he preceded to grab he dangling rope and help pull the boat back to the side of the lock. Phil’s extreme upper-body strength saved him until I could give him a hand getting up, but let this be a lesson to you – always have large abs!

#21: Seeing My Name In The Credits Of The Fallow Field

Being a Foley Artist for The Fallow Field always seems to skip my mind when I think of things I’ve done this year. It was a great experience and I loved being part of an independent film production.

That concludes the first half of this countdown to my favourite moment of 2009! Come back at 4pm tomorrow to read about queuing, crying and THE END OF THE WORLD!

Special Post #22: Top 40 Moments 2009, Part 1

This is part 1 in a mini-series of posts that looks into the best year of my life, two thousand and nine. In this part I start to go back a remember the moments that have stuck with me.

For the first few posts in this series I’m going to be counting down my top 40 moments of 2009. I’ve put a lot of thought into this list because it’s something I want to get right. But what is a ‘moment’?

I’m seeing a moment as a very short space of time. I don’t want any of this “the boat trip was amazing”, that’s too vague (although it was). I want to talk about specific events, small fractions of time, that define the moods we have and the time we call “the best times”. So lets get started:

#40: Building Josh’s Computer

I’m kicking off the list with one of the many great moments of summer. I went to Josh’s house to help him build his computer. It was a geeky evening, but we had a good time slotting everything in and I think I managed to teach Josh a thing or two about how a computer works

#39: Getting My Files Back

You may remember my post back in January about losing all my files. Well it was more than a relief when I managed to get them all back!

#38: Sunday Night Live

Back in February I ran video for a gig in Rubix. We had a total of 10 cameras and 6 people operating. It was definitely the most successful video rig I’ve ever ran and it was amazing fun. There are plans to do another one of these next year, which I’m really looking forward to.

#37: That Afternoon With Three Cakes

The afternoon where Phil and I baked three cakes between us while watching the Grand Prix. Simpler times…

#36: Pimms Next To The Thames With Heather & Lauren

Drinking a pitcher of Pimms with Heather & Lauren at my favourite pub next to the Thames.

#35: Southbank With Lauren After Avenue Q

I love walking down Southbank at night, and it was great to share that Lauren.

#34: Walking Into The House & Knowing I Live There

This is a bit of a weird one, because it happens almost every day. I just love that feeling. And the first time I put the key in the door was magic.

#33: Being At Merry Hill With Sam, Matthew, Kevin & Ben

This is the first moment from the boat trip, believe me there are plenty more to come! This was right at the humble beginnings, the first day, when we went to the cinema to see The Hangover and had a meal, a brilliant film.

#32: Climbing The Trees In Sam’s Garden In Scotland

The first time I’d seen Sam in literally years! So great to catch up.

#31: Messing With Chairs With Josh While We Were ‘Revising’

Wheelie chairs can provide a good distraction from revision, especially when you’ve been revising for over 5 hours straight!

Come back tomorrow for the 30-21 greatest moments, including many more boat memories, snow and a pink bench :O

Special Post #20: Happy Birthday Blog

It was at exactly this time 1 year ago I wrote my first post on this blog. It actually makes me quite emotional to think who I was a year ago.

I feel that university has brought me out of my shell so much: not changed me into someone else, or made me someone I’m not, but instead built on who I was before and made it better. I’m more confident now to do new things, I have more confidence in myself and my abilities both academically and in social situations, I’ve learnt that I’m more like everyone else than I thought, and that everyone in life has a fascinating and remarkable story, one that can be told differently every time and thats message changes with every new day that brings you to explore your boundaries.

A year ago I had no idea what to expect, and could never have hoped to be where I am today. The last year has been a year of firsts in many ways, but also a year for truly loving life. Sure there have been some rough times, but they were there for good reason. If the whole landscape was a peak, how would you know it was a mountain?

I can pick moments of the last year that have meant the most to me, and I’m sure I’ll miss loads out, but these come to mind:

  • Spending a week with my sister in her new house before going to uni for the first time and leaving home
  • Moving in day. Leaving church, packing my life into a Yaris and feeling sick when we arrived at uni. So overwhelmed when I got to my room and then having to truly say goodbye to my parents for the first time.
  • Moments later meeting Josh at the meet & greet.
  • Ice skating with Josh, when we actually got to know each other.
  • The climbing trip weekend, finally an outlet for my love of climbing!
  • The Fratellis in Brighton and then the next day having an exam.
  • X Factor Christmas Staff Party when I was the video man for the day, fell in love with video stuff.
  • Christmas Day at Becky’s!
  • New Year’s Eve with Jake, feeling sick :(
  • Snow Day at university!
  • Searching for a house, and finding one!
  • Lab Project with Faizan, all those long nights in the library paying off
  • Day out in London with Sophie over Easter
  • Going back to university a week early, spent a whole day talking to Josh. Had the conversation of my life and loved every second of it.
  • The following week, Tuesday evening
  • Revising with Josh, the jokes we had
  • Exam week, the stress
  • EOTYS week, especially the last night and the lake party afterwards
  • Saying goodbye
  • Royal Ascot week
  • Getting my results!
  • Moving in to my new house!
  • Guilfest
  • The boat trips! In particular:
    • Frankie & Bennie’s
    • Many a time spent talking to Phil on the back of the boat
    • Evening spent drinking with Jake and Phil
    • One night talking to Barry for hours
  • My best birthday ever!
  • The fact I get to do it all again starting in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you this time round. And if I’m going to fast or assuming you know something when you don’t, give us a note and I’ll fill you in.

  • Happiness. 12 out of 10 (when 11 out of 10 just isn’t enough)
  • Tiredness. 4.5 out of 5
  • Last Meal. Sausage casserole (very, very tasty indeed)
  • Song of the day. JLS – Beat Again (annoyingly catchy)
  • Thought for the day. True happiness is when you know that you feel the best you’ve ever felt… and that it can only get better
  • What I’m Doing Now. Actually writing this at 2am, so should be sleeping :S