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Somebody stop me :P

Just had my first full week in Guildford for a while, makes a change from all the swiss-ness thats been happening and will be happening.

The last week has been amazing, from having my university placment tutor visit me at work last friday and say i'd got an A for my first placement report…. To baking muffins and watching Black Swan in the cinema….

Since monday I've been out ever night, may as well make the most of being around my friends while i can :D on Monday it was my housemate Claire's birthday and we went out to a very civilised italian restaurant in town. I found it quite funny that even in guildford i cant seem to escape italian food haha

On tuesday i ended up making an impromptu visit to Guildford's piano bar, Tickeled Ivory. Never dissapoints and got to see a few poeple I haven't seen in ages and even a few new faces.

And then to round off the week, on wednesday i went out for one of my new housemate's birthdays! Thats right, NEW housemates :D i seriously need to fill you guys in on this one…

However, i have a day off work today, so im offf to london for a spot of Rock Climbing with sophie, then this evening we're going to see Maroon 5!! Win!

The next few weeks are going to be a bit epic, with switzerland, london, gigs, my sister and everything! Somebody stop me! :)

Ttyl x x x x

Special Post #43: Music of 2010

Excuse this cheeky interlude designed to build suspense before the big reveal of my top 10 moments of 2010 tomorrow :P

This list is compiled by using my most played songs in the last 12 months. These are the songs that I listened to most in 2010.

#10: The King Blues – Hold On Tight

  • Started Listening: May
  • Reminds Me Of: Jake coming to visit :)
  • Play Count: 60

#9: David Place – A Feeling

  • Started Listening: Last year after hearing him live in The Bedford pub. It’s a great song to relax to.
  • Reminds Me Of: The 2010 Boat trip.
  • Play Count: 63

#8: The King Blues – Blood On My Hands

  • Started Listening: April
  • Reminds Me Of: Seeing the King Blues live :P
  • Play Count: 65

#7: The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

#6: The Fratellis – Henrietta

  • Started Listening: 2008
  • Reminds Me Of: Getting ready for nights out. Still THE song I have to listen to before I go to a party!
  • Play Count: 77

#5: Iyaz – Replay

  • Started Listening: Christmas 2009
  • Reminds Me Of: Last Christmas with my sister :D
  • Play Count: 86

#4: The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir

  • Started Listening: Summer 2009
  • Reminds Me Of: Quiet nights in, probably writing a poem
  • Play Count: 93

#3: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (this link is cute, so click on it)

  • Started Listening: Easter 2009
  • Reminds Me Of: All the good times in London, there are many
  • Play Count: 98

#2: Train – Hey, Soul Sister

  • Started Listening: June
  • Reminds Me Of: Revision with Josh, fun times
  • Play Count: 105

    #1: The King Blues – I Got Love (my video from Guilfest)

      And that’s a wrap. But there are a few songs not on this list that made a difference to me this year. Check out: Colbie Caillat – Bubbly, Cee Lo Green – Forget You (explicit version), John Mayer – Free Falling and FM Static – Tonight. I’ve also come to love Freepeace and Paloma Faith. May 2011 bring a whole wave of new songs… starting with this beauty.

      Poems & Lyrics

      Friday didn’t turn into the productive day it could’ve been, but it did give me a much needed day off…

      I spent the morning writing another poem. I like to write poetry when I can, and I can seem to write it at the moment. Sometimes my head is just in that frame of mind. I’ve written 9 poems in the last year, not because I wanted to write a poem, but because I could. Maybe one day I’ll share a few of them on this blog, although I have shared a couple before: New Sunrise and Leaving.

      This evening Josh and I went to The Stoke pub for a live music night. It was really great and I recommend everyone into acoustic hip-hop should definitely check out Free Peace, very original!

      • Happiness. 8 out of 10
      • Tiredness. 4 out of 5
      • Workload. 8 out of 10
      • Last Meal. 2 for 1 pizza at The Stoke (BBQ Chicken :D)
      • Song of the day. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
      • Thought for the day. “I feel literally molested”
      • What I’m Doing Now. Getting a lie in tomorrow :P

      Special Post #27: Music of 2009

      This list is compiled by using my most played songs in the last 12 months. These are the songs that I listened to most in 2009.

      #10: Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

      #9: Lazlo Bane – Superman

      • Started Listening: Beginning of the year
      • Reminds Me Of: Scrubs :)
      • Play Count: 46

      #8: The Fray – Never Say Never

      • Started Listening: Easter
      • Reminds Me Of: Being alone in Cathedral Court for a week
      • Play Count: 47

      #7: The Killers – Mr. Brightside

      • Started Listening: Last year
      • Reminds Me Of: All the good times in the union with mates
      • Play Count: 48

      #6: Smash Mouth – All Star

      • Started Listening: Start of the year
      • Reminds Me Of: This used to be josh’s ringtone, so it reminds me of laughing with Josh.
      • Play Count: 52

      #5: Smokie Norful – Nothing Without You

      #4: Nickelback – Rockstar

      • Started Listening: Summer
      • Reminds Me Of: Moving into the house
      • Play Count: 59

      #3: The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir

      • Started Listening: Summer
      • Reminds Me Of: Moving into the house
      • Play Count: 70

      #2: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

      • Started Listening: Start of Easter
      • Reminds Me Of: Time spent with my brother over Easter
      • Play Count: 124

      #1: The King Blues – I Got Love

      • Started Listening: End of Easter
      • Reminds Me Of: Guilfest… and just a great 2009
      • Play Count: 125

      So there you go! I would like to briefly mention a couple special songs/artists that didn’t make this list. David Place, an artist I saw at The Bedford who plays great acoustic music. And I’m On A Boat, for the great memories of the boat trip. Long may life continue to deal me the best hand…

      Programming & Viva La Vida

      You may have noticed (in the playlist on the right) that I seem to like Viva La Vida by Coldplay at the moment, it’s just a good song.

      Yesterday was the usual busy Monday, nothing I couldn’t handle, actually I quite enjoyed having lectures on a Monday for a change. I’ve started my first programming assignment which it actually really fun to do.

      Today is 3 hours of lectures (starting now!) and then programming this afternoon. comedy night awaits this evening, and I’m thinking about joining a new society that has started its own “TV channel” on campus (it’s just one video at the moment).

      Got to go, speak to you soon!


      Yea! WOOOOO!!!! FRATELLIS!!! YEAA!!

      OK, so it was wicked! Pictars:

      Brighton (3)

      Me, Dad and Josh on Brighton Pier! Had some lovely fish and chips. Went for a long walk around town, down all the lanes and around the shops. Did it all!

      Fratellis (2)

      Best picture I have. Me and Josh went down into the “mosh pit” and rocked out! HELLS YEA!

      Thursday: Exam, boo! And then setting up for Christmas Flirt in Rubix tomorrow. Only one day left of my first semester! We’re almost there people.

    • Happiness: 8/10
    • Workload: 0/10 (for now…)
    • Last meal: Chocolate (empty those cupboards!)
    • Thought for the day: Christmas, here I come!
    • Amazon MP3

      It’s here! This is what I’ve been waiting for since January this year.

      Amazon MP3 is an alternative to downloading music using iTunes. It is VERY cheap, you can download the new Kings Of Leon album for just £3.

      So what’s the big deal? First things first, it’s only downloads, so you don’t get the actual CD. But it is incredibly cheap, whole albums from as little as £3 and singles for as little as 29p!

      This is funny because last week I had a conversation with Dad and James about MP3 stores and I was saying how Amazon had promised an MP3 store in 2008, and what do you know, still 28 days to spare.

      Definitely check it out, its going to be BIG. I promise you now, in 1 years time, this store will be just as big as iTunes, if not bigger. Mark my words…

    • Happiness: 7/10
    • Workload: 5/10
    • Last meal: Spicy Risotto (home-made baby!)
    • Thought for the day: Differentiation, integration and continuity… (that’s maths to those who are unsure)