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New York Stop Motion 2016


10 Days.
2,517 photos.
Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Broadway, Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, Washington Arch, Little Italy, Financial District, World Trade, Rockefeller Center, Wall St, MoMA, High Line, Chelsea Market, Roosevelt Island Tramway, Coney Island, MTA Museum, Central Park, Queens Museum, Manhattan Bridge and Staten Island.
In 4 minutes.

Music by Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (copyright Universal Records).

This is the third stop motion travel video I’ve made, and the second Emily and I have made together – Check out my YouTube channel for the New Zealand and Japan videos.

Gardeners know all the dirt

Lots has been happening in the Campus Garden in the last couple of months, and I’ve been writing about it over on the Garden Soc blog. Go and have a read to find out about how we sold our first crop, finding edible plants on campus and to see more pictures.

Here are a few pictures I took on Tuesday.

Favourite Photos From 2014

Aside from the obvious trip to New Zealand, 2014 was another great year for travelling. Barcelona started things off in January, then Nice, Hannover, Paris and Amsterdam. So many other amazing places in the UK such as Llangollen, Canterbury, Cardiff and Bridgenorth to name just a few. 2015 might have to be a bit more low key. Click on any of the photos to get a closer look.

Paris and Owls

I’ve finally added a few more Paris photos to the post from a couple weeks ago, so go back and have a look! On halloween we (aptly) ventured into the Paris catacombs, an underground street that was filled with the bones of over 6 million Parisians. In the late 18th century after cemeteries above ground were quite literally full to overflowing, the king ordered the relocation of Parisian dead from their graves into the newly discovered underground ‘mines’. The mines came about during the construction of buildings in Paris, as the limestone deposits underfoot provided ideal building material without the need for costly transportation, but when a house collapsed into a previously forgotten mine in 1774, the French lamented the laziness of their ancestors. It’s a fascinating 2.5km walk, if a bit morbid, especially considering there is literally nothing between you and the bones.

In other news, Emily and I went to an owl sanctuary in Kent a couple weekends ago and got to hold and fly owls! It was so cool and very interesting to find out more about these fascinating birds.

And a few more:


Exciting news to come next week…

Charles x


25 is just around the corner…

On Saturday I will be celebrating my 25th Birthday by eating curry and roller-skating. By way of gearing my self up for my next quarter of a century alive, I’ve taken a look back at 25 things I’ve done in the last 12 months that have been absolutely amazing. See, I’m not getting old…

1. What a better place to start than literally a year ago when I rented out the church narthex for a special birthday celebration.
11/10 : PGS Pub Crawl a HUGE SUCCESS with over 150 people. Wates, Roots, Pews, Spoons, Legion
2. I’ve already spoken about my year as Postgraduate Society president, and this really was when it dawned on me that we had achieved something many other people thought impossible… getting postgrads to PARTY! 150 of them!
16/10 : Dinner at Tiff's with ALL THE DESSERT and Catfish, Roofay
3. In stark contrast, the next moment is spending a quiet evening in with Tiff and Roofay, eating our way through ALL THE DESSERT and being introduced to the wonderfully addictive show that is Catfish. I went on to watch all the episodes… and the movie.
19/10 : London for Zombie Apocalypse! with Will, Will, Sam, Matt. New Blithe with Will, Will, Matt
4. Being chased down by zombies in central London… standard Saturday night.
20/10 : Columbia Road Flower Market, Brick Lane, Breakfast Club, Mayor of Scardey Cat Town, Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Gordons Wine Bar, Wasabi, Balcony of Royal Festival Hall
5. Having an amazing day visiting the Columbia Road flower market the following day
25/10 : Cocktails in Covent Gdn with Julia, Natalie, Lynn, Cherry, Will, Sean, Kirsty. Then Chinatown, HENRY'S COCKTAILS!
6. Cocktails in Covent Garden. Not had a night out in London like this in a long time, and there need to be more!
09/11 : PGS Hogs Back Brewery Tour
7. Another Postgrad event, this time the brewery tour. Learnt so much, got to meet a great group of people, and learnt to love ale!

8. I don’t have a picture for the next one, but filling an entire row in the cinema to watch The Hobbit 2 with all my mates!

16/12 : ALL THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS! Currywurst, Feldshclossen, jazz club, Rosies nightclub, pool, dancing, kebab
9. Going to Germany for actual German Christmas Markets after years of just going to winter wonderland in Hyde Park
31/12 : Party time!
10. New Years Party Time! By far the best one ever. Everyone just had a great laugh. This is what good parties should be like.
11/01 : Bristol piss up, Scrumpy, Cascada, Apple, night club, broken phone
11. This was the year of the new tradition: Going to Bristol, meeting friends and drinking cider. This was a particularly notable time because I broke my phone dancing down the street to Cascada.
25/01 : Barcelona!
12. Going to Barcelona was just awesome! Never been to mainland Spain before and I absolutely loved it. The architecture, food and sangria are all to die for.

13. Another Postgrad event was the pub quiz! I wrote an impossibly difficult connections round where the answers to all the questions were linked. I hope I get to write more pub quiz rounds in the coming year.

15/02 : London Aquarium for Liz's birthday, Meza Curry, MKB
14. A great day out in London visiting the aquarium and lots of laughs
23/02 : Cardiff!
15. Visiting Jake in Cardiff is always a highlight of the year!
06/03 : Bastille Gig
16. Seeing Bastille at Alexandra Palace. Biggest gig I’ve ever been to. Great atmosphere with 10,000 people jumping around!
08/03 : Plymouth w/ Richard, Beth, Emma, Parents
17. Getting the cousins together in Plymouth. First time there, love the waterfront. Have to go back.
02/05 : MONACO! packed lunch, avoiding rain, casino
18. Childhood dream of visiting Monaco! Just a few weeks before the grand prix too so all the barriers were coming out. Might have made a few car noises as I ran around the chicane. Maybe.
22/05 : Student Awards! Won Society of the Year, SRS Society and Most Improved!
19. Winning three student awards for the Postgrad Society was just incredible and a huge result for the whole committee who worked so hard all year. No pressure this year guys!
25/05 : South Coast Roll!
20. Roller skating a whole marathon in six hours. So much fun. Same again next year!
07/06 : Aldwych Station Tour and TfL museum with Dad
21. I still want to write a blog post about the day Dad and I visited a disused underground station. Very geeky, but so cool!
14/06 : HANNOVER! Start Red Thread, following exactly, up new town hall, Romeo + Juliet in garden, rain, pizza, Football, weird Irish pub
22. Oh my Hannover! What a wonderful few days! Sophie Jones will never fail to make me laugh until I pass out!
28/06 : Bristol. Bagels, cabbot tower, clifton bridge LONG walk, cider, Mike arrives, lots of drinking and food
23. More Bristol. Finally seeing the Clifton Suspension Bridge after a minor detour through the moors.
05/07 : Canterbury. Full English Breakfast, beach, swim in the sea, walk around cathedral, Taco Locos!
24. Another first, Canterbury! Actually swimming in the sea without being frozen, touring the cathedral, and spending time with Katherine and Neil.
08/08 : BOAT TRIP
25. Finally, the Boat Trip! A week of relaxing and having lots of fun. As always, I didn’t want to leave.

May the next 12 months have just as many happy memories.

Charles x