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Friday didn’t turn into the productive day it could’ve been, but it did give me a much needed day off…

I spent the morning writing another poem. I like to write poetry when I can, and I can seem to write it at the moment. Sometimes my head is just in that frame of mind. I’ve written 9 poems in the last year, not because I wanted to write a poem, but because I could. Maybe one day I’ll share a few of them on this blog, although I have shared a couple before: New Sunrise and Leaving.

This evening Josh and I went to The Stoke pub for a live music night. It was really great and I recommend everyone into acoustic hip-hop should definitely check out Free Peace, very original!

  • Happiness. 8 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 4 out of 5
  • Workload. 8 out of 10
  • Last Meal. 2 for 1 pizza at The Stoke (BBQ Chicken :D)
  • Song of the day. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
  • Thought for the day. “I feel literally molested”
  • What I’m Doing Now. Getting a lie in tomorrow :P


This is the 200th post on this blog. To commemorate this momentous occasion, I will share with you all a poem I wrote a few months ago now about my last year at university… enjoy :)

New Sunrise

Near a cathedral there once was a court

Where Adam stole furniture and never was caught

A chav called Lauren never ate a banana

And a Portuguese girl they called Mariana

You’d never see Chris cus he’s always out

And Sophie, the cleanest one without doubt

That just leaves Charles, you’d meet people meaner

Oh, that reminds me, there’s also the cleaner!


Once the year had begun, good times were ahead

There were days in the snow, and many in bed

Club nights, comedy nights, film nights and more

And nights doing nothing weren’t even a bore!

But Charles wasn’t drinking as much as he could,

And Soph took more pictures than she probably should.

Lauren certainly knew how to make a horse wriggle,

And Mariana was there to make them all giggle.


But with Mariana gone, they began to believe

That sooner or later they’d all have to leave

And before you knew it the days were all gone

And all who was left was Soph, Joy & Don

Then all the rooms emptied, with no-one about

There was no-one to smile, laugh, tickle or shout

The sun set on court, leaving dark cloudy skies

And the six went in search of a new sunrise…

Quick Character Flaws

If you are in a good mood, and plan to be for some time yet, do not read this. You have been warned!

Just a short post because I need to be in bed 1 hour ago so I’m awake for the first day of Ascot.

I have a few character flaws I would like to talk about today.

  1. Criticism. As much as I enjoy feedback and love it when I get some, I can sometimes take criticism very personally. I think this is one of those things that I just have to deal with. It isn’t that I lash out or become defensive, it’s just that it can sometimes knock me back. Luckily, most of the time I am also motivated to improve my work when given criticism, as long as it’s not too harsh. This steams from another trait, always wanting to make people happy/like me.
  2. Self-Confidence. I’ve come to realise that I’m not the bubbly, out-going person I would like to be. I’m quite defensive of my ‘true’ self to people I meet, which makes me a real hoot a parties. I think this again steams from wanting people to like me, and unless I’m sure that I am welcome and included, I will be very quiet and insular.
  3. Analysing. Now this I’m very good at, but it does lead me to over-analyse things which are best left alone. This was the main cause of much distress over the Easter break, and is by far the most frequent and common reason I’m not happy. The best cure for this is usually a good, long talk with someone I can trust. Some of you may have been at the receiving end of one of these, and to those I say thank you.

To balance all this out I have a great joke to share:

What did the mayonnaise say to the fridge? Close the door, I’m dressing.

  • Happiness: 6/10
  • Tiredness: 6/10
  • Last meal: Lasagne (courtesy of me!)
  • Song of the day: John Mayer – Stop This Train
  • Thought for the day: Can’t it not be over yet, to live not reminisce. Of all the things I could forget, it’s you I’ll really miss.