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Video: Comin’ Atcha!

G’day! Here I am, in the northern hemisphere without any parents…

Sorry for not posting sooner, it’s been the usual hectic few days. Programming is coming on and labs went OK today.

Tuesday was, obviously, comedy night and it was really good. One act was a magician/comedian who was particularly funny. Also got a bit of climbing done on Tuesday, managed to do a fairly hard wall which was great.

On Wednesday, I Stage Crewed for Cleopatra. I did video, as usual, and it was really good. They’re really nice people and they asked me if I could record the video for them to have a copy. They seemed to like it, and it was good to see their reactions to how the video looked. I can now add that video to my collection (currently only S Club 3 and Cleopatra).

Also on Wednesday I went to the first of what is going to be an on-going thing where first year media engineers (like myself) can spend Wednesday afternoon in the media labs. I got shown round and got to play with some of the equipment, it was so great to finally get to touch some of the equipment I’d heard so much about. This is something that should happen every Wednesday, and I will definitely be making an effort to go.

Today was a bit of a blur. I have 7 hours of lectures on Thursday’s, and this time I’d only had 4 hours sleep.

What’s happening in the days to come:

  • Heroes episode to watch
  • Programming assignment to do
  • Chilli con carne
  • Assessment questions
  • Stage Crew Annual General Meeting (I’m going to try and be elected as Video Equipment Officer)


  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Soup (for lunch!)
  • Thought for the day: e^{i \pi} +1 = 0.\,\!


Friday: Went through the test. I passed! Won’t tell you by how much, but I definitely need to look over it again when I get a chance. After we’d gone through the test I went to Rubix (the union) to stage crew for the Credit Crunch Christmas Party!

I ended up having 5 cameras to work with, it looked great and was really good fun. To keep the Christmas spirit we had 1,500 free mince pies! Needless to say I had my fair share. (Don’t tell anyone but I managed to take 12 of them away with me. They went down well with Dad!)

The party finished at 3am and then we had to pack down the mess we had made outside the union. We had Santa’s grotto on a stage, lighting, snow machines and a gazebo to disassemble.

Finally left at 4:30am. I knew that I was going home on Saturday and I also knew that if I went to sleep I wouldn’t get up before 1pm. So I did what any sensible person would have done and stayed awake. I packed my bag, did the washing up and read a few blogs.

At 7am I left for the train station. Staying awake on the train was slightly tricky (that’s were the mince pies came in handy). Got home at 8:30am.

Time for breakfast and catching up with mum and dad. Went over to church to put up candle stands and then managed to get some sleep (well 2 hours!)

Had a fabulous night at Victoria’s, great food and great company. Watching Strictly Come Dancing was fun and who’d have thought the result! Thank you Victoria for a fantastic evening.

Sunday: Caught up on sleep. This evening I’m doing a reading at the carol service.

Only 4 days until Christmas!


WOW! What a cool few days.

Up bright and early on Wednesday to do a spot of Christmas shopping. Bought a few presents in town and then the rest online.

After lunch I went over to Rubix to help Stage Crew with setting up a big gig on Thursday. The Electronic Engineering Staff Christmas Party where staff bands performed to the audience and a panel of judges to win the coveted x-mas factor champions crown. There were 14 bands in all, 9 of which had at least one of my lecturers in.

As expected, I wound up doing video which was fantastic because I was the only one doing it. This meant I learnt an awful lot about setting up cameras, running cables, using the mixer and video PC. However, it did mean that I couldn’t have a pit cam (a camera operated from the front of the stage) and that required someone to man that camera as well.

I finished on Wednesday night with 2 cameras that could be operated with a controller (they were stationary but could be panned, tilted and zoomed) and the video PC to show bands PowerPoint presentations. I’d also set up the projector screen on stage to show the video and PowerPoint’s.

A 9am start on Thursday morning allowed me to put up another camera to focus on the judges, and tap into a security camera. Then I noticed that someone was planning to film the event with two HD cameras on the balcony, so I asked nicely and found out that one was going to be operated all night. I managed to get the output of that camera into the video mixer so I now effectively had a replacement pit cam.

With a total of 2 pan/tilt cameras, 1 stationary camera, 1 operated camera, a black and white security camera and the PowerPoint’s, I was well away.

The gig went very well and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. So great to work video for 14 very different bands, got to try lots of ideas and styles. My entire cut of the evening (about 6 hours in total) was recorded and I’ll hopefully get a copy at some point.

Today was a recovery day. I’ve had a headache all day and just tried to relax. I might do some stage crew this evening, I’ll see how I feel.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 3/10
  • Last meal: Cereal (no comment)
  • Thought for the day: If you’re not living on the edge, you take up to much room.