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California Trip

An amazing four weeks travelling from San Francisco down the California coast to Los Angeles then inland to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

New Beginnings…

I started blogging when I started university on request of my sister, who wanted to know how I was getting on… over the years my blogging habits have gone through many stages: informal, informative, rambling, necessity, diary, reflective…

When I knew I was going to be doing a PhD, I bought this website hoping that at some point I would make something cool that I would want to show the world… weather that thing be as a result of my research, a photograph, a video, a website or something else, this is my new home for sharing my creations.

I still plan on posting my goings on when it’s relevant, but I think this blog needs to suit my new pace of life that cannot keep up with regular posts like I used to back at uni. The 190 days since my last post have been incredible!

  • I have been playing around with WordPress by updating my local church website to something more easily update-able, see St Mary’s website here.
  • Graduated, that was a big one… I actually haven’t uploaded any photos of my graduation to the internet yet so I’ll put those up here in the next week or two
  • I presented MADTV’s last ever newsbite, which you can watch in the previous post
  • I worked for Sony PSE over the summer as a Systems Engineer, involving trips to Switzerland and Paris with more photos to show you
  • Tourist day in London, because it’s a shame you’re never a tourist in your home town…
  • I travelled California for 4 weeks, photography highlights will most definitely be coming soon and include San Francisco, LA, Vegas and the Grand Canyon
  • Went to the British Machine Vision Conference 2012, highly relevant to my PhD and held in Guildford this year!
  • Alton Towers with my sister for Halloween
  • Got chased around London by Zombies, hear me scream like a girl on my YouTube channel
  • Recently, going to Scotland for the annual family Christmas meal, and got some great snaps of Loch Lomond I plan to share with you all

That brings you about 1% up-to-date with what’s been going on, but subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss the next update.

Pause for thought

Hello again! My heart is still beating, and I have lots of news you might be interested to hear, but first an explanation.

Since I last wrote here almost 2 months (wow, I’m ashamed of myself), I have been very busy. Busy, you say? What on earth could be more important than writing in your favourite place on the internet? You better have a damn good excuse. Well…


I’ve been going to a local piano bar quite a lot with the ginger one in this photo. It’s a very civilised place with live music and cocktails.

banana and choc ice milkshake

Experimenting with banana and choc ice milkshakes.


Doing some terrible singing at the aforementioned piano bar.


Covering our kitchen in highlighter fluid and UV ink. The reason behind this will become clear… you just have to be patient.


Been on a treasure hunt around Weymouth.

go ape

Gone Ape!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! When I haven’t been doing all of those fun things I’ve been working on coursework and my final project – which I finished today! Hence the post :)

So coursework in and final report written, now is a good time to note that there’s only precious few weeks left of my university life before heading out into the world of work… or is it?

I have kind of been keeping some big news from you since the last post 2 months ago, and it’s kind of what the last post was about. When I wrote the last post I was deep in thought about what to do once I graduate, because I’d been given a choice: Work for Sony, or be sponsored by Sony to do a PhD. And I changed my mind. I’ll never know if it was the right choice, but I’m so happy that I’ve decided to do a PhD.

I don’t want to dwell on what the PhD is on right now, that will come in a future post, but needless to say that it is really exciting and I can’t wait to start! My PhD course is 3.5 years long and it’s at the University of Surrey still, starting in October. I’m being sponsored and getting paid tax-free, so it’s not going to get me into any more debt! I do want to go into depth about why I decided to do a PhD, because I found it a hard decision and I want to be able to help other people who might have to make that decision in the future.

This isn’t the end of my links with Sony, in fact it’s only just the beginning. Sony have a big input in my research during the PhD, but I’m also working there over the summer with the team I was in last year. Hopefully the ties can continue because they are amazing people!

So… life turned on it’s head and I don’t really know what to say. This blog will be getting a major overhaul in the late half of this year, to capture more of my personal and professional life as it develops… hopefully!

I feel like my life is going from strength to strength, just got to get through these exams first and then I have a long summer of work, America and a new home to look forward to! I’ll reveal all, just bear with me! And thanks for sticking round this far! As a thank you here’s the link to the rest of the Pound for Food videos I produced with my housemates recently, they are seriously funny:

  • Happiness. 7 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 1 out of 5
  • Workload. 5 out of 10 (revision time!)
  • Last Meal. Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Song of the day. Jason Mraz – Everything is Sound
  • Thought for the day. Dissertation done! Boom! 
  • What I’m Doing Now. Sleep! Then starting revision tomorrow… All will be over in only 5.5 weeks!!!


Only 4 weeks until Easter, when I’ll be writing my final project report and revising for my last exams.

Only 9 weeks until my final project is due, the most important document I will have ever written.

Only 14 weeks until the end of university, after which I’ll have finished the road of education and start my road to finding the meaning of life.

Only 19 weeks until America, another adventure of a lifetime :)

Only one chance to make the right choices in life. Be who you have always wanted to be. Inspire your dreams and make a difference.

  • Happiness. 7 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 1 out of 5
  • Workload. 7 out of 10 (come on motivation, i know there’s some of you left)
  • Last Meal. Lots of chicken
  • Song of the day. Earth, Wind and Fire – September
  • Thought for the day. It’s no big deal. Just the future of humanity.
  • What I’m Doing Now. Breathing.


Right now there are thousands of final year students thinking about what to do when they Graduate: Do I live at home or find somewhere to live? Should I take a year out to travel and explore the world or start earning money as fast as I can? Should I do a PhD or work in McDonalds?

I think the answer is to look at the opportunities you have and see which ones you’ll regret not taking 10 years down the line when you’re working 9 to 5 every week. I’m probably going to be going back to Sony once I graduate since my placement year with them was the best year of my life, but there’s still that question of when to start work?

Originally I thought I’d start straight away, after all I loved working there and I’d already been travelling in terms of InterRailling last summer. But then I got an offer. America…


San Francisco, LA, Vegas and the Grand Canyon. In 20 days. I challenge anyone to say no to that.

For the backstory, basically Charlotte is going to Florida with her dad for a couple of weeks in July, since he has a villa there. I was invited to join them but, unfortunately, that is right about the time of my graduation ceremony and all that jazz, so I couldn’t go :( But then we had a thought. I could go after… And instead of staying in Florida we could go anywhere in America.

After much debate and deliberation, including the idea of going to New York and the east coast, we settled on another plan. California. And the journey was born :)

This week I bought my flights, 25th July to 14th August. From San Francisco to Las Vegas. Can you tell I’m excited?

I have so many ideas of things to do!

ok, so that’s quite a bit, but I’m very excited!!! This is going to be a trip of a lifetime…

  • Happiness. 9 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 0 out of 5
  • Workload. 6 out of 10 (lots of Computer Vision things)
  • Last Meal. Bacon sandwich
  • Song of the day. Phantom Planet – California
  • Thought for the day. Life after university is looking pretty good from where I’m standing.
  • What I’m Doing Now. Getting far to excited about California, Nevada and Arizona :)