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Paris and Owls

I’ve finally added a few more Paris photos to the post from a couple weeks ago, so go back and have a look! On halloween we (aptly) ventured into the Paris catacombs, an underground street that was filled with the bones of over 6 million Parisians. In the late 18th century after cemeteries above ground were quite literally full to overflowing, the king ordered the relocation of Parisian dead from their graves into the newly discovered underground ‘mines’. The mines came about during the construction of buildings in Paris, as the limestone deposits underfoot provided ideal building material without the need for costly transportation, but when a house collapsed into a previously forgotten mine in 1774, the French lamented the laziness of their ancestors. It’s a fascinating 2.5km walk, if a bit morbid, especially considering there is literally nothing between you and the bones.

In other news, Emily and I went to an owl sanctuary in Kent a couple weekends ago and got to hold and fly owls! It was so cool and very interesting to find out more about these fascinating birds.

And a few more:


Exciting news to come next week…

Charles x


Photos from Paris

I am in Paris this week presenting some of my PhD research at the International Conference on Image Processing. Here are a few pictures from the week so far (edit: now updated with more photos).

Off to Paris

Just a short post this week as final preparations are coming together for my trip to Paris next week. As I mentioned a few months ago, some of my work got accepted into the International Conference on Image Processing taking place next week in Paris, and now you can see my name in the program listing:

My paper in the ICIP 2014 technical program. I can tell you’re excited.

I’ll take lots of pictures for you all, and I’m taking my GoPro just in case :P

Speaking of GoPro, here’s the full timelapse for the Garden Soc Polytunnel building…

Can’t promise a post next week, but you never know,

Charles x

Hannover Cure

My wonderful friend and actress Sophie is currently touring all over northern Germany performing three different plays to children in German schools. While she was in Hannover I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit.

We followed the tourist trail around town, playfully dubbed ‘the red thread’, and sampled the nightlife while watching England’s first World Cup match. Overall a wonderful 4 days of banter, and a welcome break from the stresses of research.

You can read about Sophie’s adventures over on her blog, “Wherefore Art Thou Fromeo?”.

Nice weekend away

I’ve just spent a long weekend in Nice, France. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to the south of France. Apart from geeking out around the Monaco F1 circuit, I spent most of my time on the beach getting far too much sun for someone of my complexion.

Barcelona and London Aquarium

Back in cold January I spent a very brief weekend in Barcelona visiting a close friend. It was incredible.

Not as far from home, a day trip to the London Aquarium for a friend’s birthday gave me the opportunity to try out my new lens photographing Nemo.

I’m very busy with my PhD at the moment, hence the lack of updates, but it’s going well and I’ll give a proper update as soon as I can!