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Long Run Nutrition

Good news from the physio! Apparently the problems with my knee have been caused by a tight IT band on my left leg. There’s no damage to my knee, and with a bit of stretching to that area it should be fine!

So with that good news I set about a full week of marathon training, including a 10km lunch run, an interval session, and my longest run so far: a 33km jaunt along the canal.

I also finally get serious about nutrition for my long run. Turns out you can’t just run a marathon without eating anything during the race, so I need to think about how I’m going to get about 400-500 calories during the race and practice that in my long runs from now on.

Only 7 weeks to go before the big marathon race day :/

Thames Meander Half Marathon

Week 10 of training for my first marathon and it’s time for the next big milestone: my first race. I’ve never run in a race setting before, and I’m on my own during the race. Thankfully I did have my girlfriend and my parents come along to cheer me on and calm my nerves before the start.

I chose the Thames Meander Half Marathon – the course starts in Kingston and follows the River Thames downstream to Kew Gardens where you turn around and run all the way back!

The organisation of the start was good, there were no issues with bag drop or bib collection. There was a long queue for the toilets before the race, but that seems pretty standard at these things. There was good spacing of water points and good communication via email in the week leading up to the race. Not a huge crowd of spectators along the route, but the locals who were out certainly cheer you on. I’d highly recommend it for someone who is looking for a scenic, flat trail run in London – I’ll definitely be signing up again next year!

Having had some trouble with my knee over the last two weeks I was really not sure how the race would go, so I’m very happy with the outcome!

The marathon is only 8 weeks away!


Running in Bridgnorth

This week has all been about keeping my runner’s knee at bay. With only 1 week left until my half marathon race I don’t want to do anything to agitate the knee into a full-blown injury which would prevent me from finishing the race.

To that end, I only ran twice this week – a 6km on Thursday lunchtime, and a longer run on Saturday in Bridgnorth.

Next week is the half marathon!

Runner’s Knee

I hit my first major hurdle this week. After having a relatively normal week of training, I found myself unable to complete my 24k long run on Sunday.

My knee started to twinge quite badly, sending shooting pain up my leg as I was running. I had to cut the run short, and ask Emily to come and collect me in the car. Not great just 2 weeks before my half marathon.