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Running the Hillingdon Trail

This video was delayed by a couple of weeks because I went to Budapest, which got in the way of editing somewhat. But it didn’t get in the way of running as you’ll see in next week’s video.

For now you have to catch up on Week 5 of my marathon training when I do my longest run yet at 27km. Week 5 was a full week of marathon training: two 8.5km runs during the week, a climbing session, an outdoor gym session and a 27km long run at the weekend.

I’m getting in those miles for the marathon…

Running in Southwold

Hello! Week three video is finally done, it’s been a very busy week and I had a lot of footage from my trip to Southwold that I wanted to edit into a good video for week three of my Marathon training — so it took a bit longer to get this one ready than I had anticipated. But anyway, here it is!

Southwold is a beautiful town on the Suffolk coast with a beautiful harbour, disused railway line and miles of sandy beaches, marshes and meadows. It was a perfect place to run a long marathon training run and go for a cycle ride… even went for a dip in the sea!

During the week I took the running a bit easier than the first two weeks as I could feel my legs were not enjoying all the running as much. I gave my body a couple extra days to recover and it paid off on the weekend run.

Bristol Running Tour

Week two of my marathon training is complete. This week I went for two runs at lunchtime which went really well and felt much better than the run home from work last week. I also did my interval training around an actual running track that I found in a local park.

For the long weekend run I was in Bristol so took the opportunity to run around the harbour and over Clifton Suspension Bridge. It was a great tour of Bristol, but perhaps with a few more hills than I would have liked!

I’m going to run a marathon

In an drastic attempt to have something to vlog about I’ve signed up for a marathon. The furthest I’ve ever run is 18km (11 miles). Now I have 4 months to get my body ready…

I’m vlogging the training process to exercise my editing skills whilst exercising my body. Also because this way I can talk about running to a camera without talking everyone’s ear off about it. Watch it if you want to know how I’m getting on, or don’t and just take my word for it that I’m smashing it and everything is going to be fine.

In the first video I get proper running shoes, fail at interval running and try out an innovative solution to holding a water bottle using a sock.

Vlog #004: Ladybower Reservoir

I recently got a drone to spice up my videos and I’ve been practising flying it for a few weeks now. There’s still a lot that I have to learn, but I thought this footage from Ladybower reservoir at the weekend was too gorgeous not to share.

My sister, niece, nephew and I made best use of the early spring weather and ventured into the Peak District for a stroll. The Upper Derwent Valley is a beautiful spot to explore, even if the sun wasn’t out on the day we went.

Over time I hope to get more confident with the drone to fly it closer to things, and get more stable sweeping shots, but it’s all a very fun learning curve so far!

For anyone interested, the drone is a DJI Mavic Pro, and this film is shot at 2.7K resolution and 24 frames per second.