Coulombs, Safety, C and WIRES

My first day of lectures has gone very well. I had a lecture this mornign introducing me to the electronics course. The first topic is resistance. I will get some questions to answer at some point by e-mail, but for now I just have to try and understand my notes!
The other two lectues were a lot easier to understand. One was essentially a health and safety lecture and the other was an intorduction to the programming course which i’m really looking forward to.
This afternoon I did some laundry, which was an experience. The laundrette was quite busy and then the whole “what do I do” fiasco. But I got there in the end and my clothes aren’t ruined so that’s a bonus.
In the evening I went to a meeting about joining the Stage Crew Society who basically orgainise all the technical side of all the union events. They cover sound, lighting and video. I’m going to be helping out and learning how they do everything. Very excited about all of that!
So all is well, just had a nice stir fry, so still eating and alive. Bring on the FUTURE!