Dear Life,

Thank you. Thank you for the amazing times of the last few months. For giving me the privilege of working in Switzerland. Allowing me to go to Amsterdam and have the time of my life. Giving me the best friends I can hope for and more.

I know I’ve sometimes been frustrated with you, and it’s easy sometimes to get trapped in stress and not see how it will all work out in the end. I now have faith that when the time comes, you will provide me with a life I can’t imagine. I know I will have to work, I know I will have to try hard and not always do what I might want to, but in the end it will all pay off.

The last few months have been a dream and I know I will wake up soon and have to fall back down to reality, but right now, every day I can wake up with a smile and go to sleep knowing my dreams will not be as good as the last 16 hours… I can’t help but smile when I think how lucky I am to be here and to know a small part of it is because of the endless days I spent working every evening and taking my studies seriously.

If I ever need the motivation again to do the right thing, remind me of this moment: when I look out over the expansive skyline beyond the borders of this balcony, where the alps fall off into the clouds and the Swiss sun creeps slowly over the clear blue sky. This. is. the. moment.


        • Happiness. 10 out of 10
        • Tiredness. 0 out of 5
        • Free Time. 2 out of 5
        • Last Meal. Pancetta & gorgonzola sandwiches
        • Song of the day. Jessie J – Price Tag
        • Thought for the day. Take pride in being whoever you want to be
        • What I’m Doing Now. Living the dream