December: The Best Moment

Well that was the end of the Top 40! But it’s a shame I stopped looking at the top moments of the year on December 22nd. I started writing up my top 40 on the train on the way to my sisters, with the intention of finishing it while I was there. However, having not seen my sister for 5 months, we had too much catching up to do for me to lock myself away typing for hours. Hence the deadline slipped and it’s only just been finished.

Christmas day was amazing, and nothing beats the look on Alastair’s face when he ran into the living room straight passed the Christmas tree only to realise that Santa had come!


Everything about being at my sisters was just brilliant! We even went to see the Sheffield Steelers play Ice Hockey and win 6-3!!! What a beating!

James and I drove back to London on the 27th… I’ve spent a curious amount of time with my brother in December, without so much as a single argument! Maybe I’m finally growing up :P

James convinced me to straighten my hair “to see what it does”. I was the personification of sceptical about this idea, assuming that hair straighteners were reserved for women and gays, but I take it all back… since I am now the proud owner of a pair (of straighteners, that is!). My god what have I become :S


And then there was Jake and the New Years Party. The day before, we went shopping on Oxford Street in the sales because we didn’t fear for our lives enough.

The eventual party was a blast! About 20 people came in the end including my friends, Jake’s friends and Beth’s friends. Beth made cupcakes (yummeh) and we had champagne courtesy of yours truly. Party games (AKA drinking games) ensued, including Irish Snap (that will mean something to some of you :P) and my favourite game of the night: “what can we make Jake drink without him questioning it?”, the winner was Matthew’s concoction of dark rum and Jägermeister :D

So to answer the question of the best moment of December, it would have to be the New Years Party! It would definitely have made it to the top 10 if it was in time to be added to the list. However, half of the party was in 2011, so maybe it counts as the first top moment of 2011. Let the new list begin!