Don’t Be Alive, Live.

An eventful weekend to say the least. I went out on Friday night for Laurie’s 21st. I didn’t intend to have lots to drink or stay out very long because I had to be up at 7am on Saturday for gliding!

MAD TV are starting a new series titled “Gave Societies A Go” where Adam, our lead reporter, ‘tries out’ various university societies. We thought we’d start off with gliding, because it sounded like fun. I was appointed cameraman and editor. After getting up from only 3 hours sleep, I was transported to Lasham Airfield, just south of Basingstoke. It’s apparently the largest airfield in the world (or at least in the UK, depending on who you ask). I didn’t intend on going Gliding, but who can turn down a free flight? I ended up having two fights, and a great day with Adam and Georges filming and joking around. Stay tuned for the MAD TV report, coming soon…

Saturday evening I went over to Lauren & Heather’s for a film night. I was convinced that I would fall asleep as soon as Role Models started, but the pizza and Coke must’ve known how good the film was going to be and decided I should stay awake to see it. Unfortunately they also kept me up for St Trinian’s which, despite the promise of sexy girls, was a few scenes short of a compelling plot. However, catching up with Lauren and Heather was reason in itself to stay until 1am, when I finally left for some well-deserved sleep.

Sunday was another early start, but this time for something far more thrilling than gliding… Primark! Got to Sophie & Julie’s on time, and barely awake, to find Sophie still in her pyjamas! 45 minutes later we finally left to go shopping…

It was a fun morning and I got a few things to add to my wardrobe. Julie is the funniest person to watch shop because she’ll try and talk herself out of buying something 20 times before she finally decides to get it anyway :D We did make her try on loads of hats though to see if there was one that didn’t suit her, we failed – turns out Julie can pull off any hat, whereas I just get laughed at as soon as they touch my head :D

The rest of the weekend was largely spent editing the gliding report, I’m hoping to make it the best thing MAD TV has ever produced… we’ll have to see how it turns out…

Today and yesterday I’ve been subjected to a “Leadership Course” that teaches teamwork and leadership skills. So far it’s been ok, but nothing ground-breaking…

Today, I realised that I’ve been spending a lot of time worrying about things that really don’t matter at all, and that at least a few of my close friends have had to put up with a lot of moaning recently. As much as I love talking to those people, sometimes it’s just not necessary to share some of your most private thoughts with friends, just because you know they’ll listen. I’ve come to rely on talks with certain people to get out my thoughts, but that shouldn’t be the case. Nothing makes you forget your worry’s more, than enjoying the company of friends.

PS Pictures coming soon!

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  1. >Hey dude, I'm jelous that you got to go gliding, that's something I'd love to do.
    I've been meaning to get more blogs done, I actually wanna do a load of film and game reviews, but I wanna have my year in focus done with no breaks.

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