Don’t try this at home!

Pictures!! Check them out here:

Lets have a little lowdown shall we?

Tuesday: Up at 11:30am. Go Karting in Surbiton which caused bruising but was great fun. In the afternoon we go into town to do a spot of shopping and soaking up the sun. In the evening I came back home for one night only for Dad’s birthday party. It was meant to be a surprise but he’d clocked it, but it was still a great night. A taster of what it would be like to live at home again. Get back to Guilford and into bed for 3am.

Wednesday: Up at 11am. Get my wristband for the End Of The Year Show (EOTYS) at Rubix. I got this free thanks to stage crew once again saving my wallet. Went to a dance show in the evening with some great contemporary dancing, katak and ballet (Sophie will correct me if that’s wrong). There was also a different piece which was outside and had the dancers following a car and climbing things, weird but cool. After that I headed off to Wednesday’s EOTYS. I had to leave early in order to get up for my training day.

Thursday: This is the surprise I was telling you about. I’ll go into more detail in a special post coming soon! Essentially it was a training day for a job. After returning from that dad came round and collected 95% of all my belongings and took them home. This left me living in a husk of my former room, made me very sad. Fortunately I had no time to morn the loss of my things because it was time for a house party. Had my dinner (2 packets of crisps). Stayed at the party for a couple of hours then headed over to the union for EOTYS. Left at 4am.

Friday: 8am start. Help Stage Crew set up the union until noon. Opened a bank account with my new housemates for paying rent next year (more about this in an upcoming accommodation post). Off to Guildford Spectrum for a spot of ice skating (see first picture)! Ice skating was good fun and Sophie was surprisingly quick on the ice, it must’ve been her sporadic arm movements! Got back to the union at 5pm to continue setting up. Free pizza at 9pm. The band came on at 10:30pm when there were only 2 people in the union. The staff had to occupy the dance floor to give the band someone to play too! I was doing pit cam for the band, trying to get some arty shots. Zane Lowe (amazing radio 1 DJ) played at midnight; he’s so energetic on stage that you can’t help but get carried away, loved it! After Mr Lowe came 3D disco. Essentially 2 geeks with Macbooks playing old songs and showing poor ‘3D’ effects on projectors. You might be able to tell I was none too impressed. As Phil put it: “These glasses do five fifths of **** all!”. Once Rubix shut at 3am it was time to packdown all the stuff we’d put up outside. Come 4:30am we head over to the lake (at this point the sun was rising). All you need to know about this charade is that at the end of the year everyone goes to the lake for a massive party, the pictures tell a clearer story. At 5:40am the generator powering the speakers and DJ desk ran out of fuel, stopping the music mid-song, much to hundreds of people’s disgust. So we decided to start packing stuff away and were back in the union by 6:45am with everything back in its rightful place. Despite having only had 4 hours sleep the night before, I didn’t feel too tired. Either way at 8:30am I went to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at 9:30am feeling refreshed. OK, I lie. I felt quite bad, but either way I didn’t feel like sleeping. I think the rest of the morning was spent saying goodbye to people and trying to wake up. After Lauren had left at 3pm, I headed over to the union to packdown EOTYS. Unfortunately only 7 people in crew could drag themselves far enough from their bed to get to the union. Packdown was actually good fun despite occasionally feeling really tired (I can’t for the life of me think why). I got back to Cathedral Court at 7pm. Only me, Sophie, Joy and Don remained from the whole of our block. We watched Britain’s got Talent (I got 40 winks), had dinner (cheesy chips counts, OK) and watched ‘50 First Dates’, a great film if you haven’t already seen it. Got to sleep at 1:15am.

Sunday: Rise and shine at quarter past nine. Toast for breakfast. Started packing up the remaining items from the kitchen and my room. Said goodbye to Sophie at 11-ish and then headed over to Crew BBQ! Every year crew have a BBQ at the end of the year. I think it’s an excuse for the union to get rid of the alcohol they didn’t sell at EOTYS, but that’s fine with me! Bouncy castle fun and a bit of lake dipping finished off what can only be described as the most eventful week of my life, by a long way.

So many great memories that will all merge into one, which is a shame in a way because each one was memorable in its own right and should be remembered for what it was rather than because it was part of the last week. If I had to choose my favourite day it would hands down be the Friday. And by Friday I mean from 11:59pm on Thursday until 8:30am on Saturday. I want to do it again! It’ll be worth the 12 month wait…

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Tiredness: 5/10
  • Last meal: Vegetable curry
  • Song of the day: Dizzie Rascal – Bonkers
  • Thought for the day: Is this the longest post so far?