Ernst Stavro Blofeld

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"Double jeopardy, Mr Bond."
“Double jeopardy, Mr Bond.”

Most people like to Google their names every once in a while to see what potential strangers, snoopers and future employers might find on them, but I don’t have that problem thanks to Mr Bond… or more precisely the arch-villain James Bond tries to take down: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by Charles Gray.

Regardless of how many research papers I publish, or how many views my YouTube videos get, I’ll always be living in the shadow of the former actor and cat-stroker, despite Blofeld never having a twitter account or LinkedIn profile.

I may never have an IMDb profile with 130 acting credits or a gleaming Wikipedia page, but my has got 653 views in the last year.

I should take all this as a positive, all those embarrassing photos are wonderfully buried under pages and pages of results for the acclaimed actor, no matter how hard my mum tries to share that photo of 10-year-old me in a dress…