Filler Post #3: The Fallow Field

At the start of the year I received an email from a final year student doing my course asking for volunteers to help his record some Foley for this film he was sound producer for. Of course I accepted.

Foley is the sound you hear in a film that adds to the perceived realism of what you are seeing. Basically, if you take out all of the music and special effects in a film, you would be left with the Foley. It is the sound of footsteps, chains rattling, tea being drunk, a lighter, a car door opening, wind chimes and all those little things that you expect to hear, but don’t really think about.

There we’re two of us that did the main bulk of recording. It involved us looking at the film footage and making sounds of things we could see. It could be a chair creaking, or clothes being thrown, but we had to replicate the sounds. The more interesting sounds we’re the stabbings (it’s a horror film) because we got to punch lettuces :) I think my favourite noises are the “shing” of a knife being picked up, such a satisfying noise. I even put my cheek on the line for a scene where the main character gets slapped in the face! And when he got hit on the back! Good times… I still can’t chew my food properly :)

Why am I bringing this up now? because tonight I’ve been invited to the cast and crew screening at the Odeon cinema in Guildford. Can’t wait to see the whole thing with all the sounds in for the first time!

Written: Thursday 13th August 2009

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