Last night I helped turn Rubix into a Laser Quest venue. We had smoke machines, strobes, lost of lights and obstacles such as barrels and a golf buggy.


It was absolutely fantastic fun watching people playing while I was operating the lights. In between games we would check the smoke machines were working and make any tweaks to the layout.

The last game was the Stage Crew game. Obviously we thought it would great if we put all the smoke machines on full. A long story short, we set the fire alarm off! But, that’s ok because by that time we’d already set the fire alarm off over 30 times that night.

Once we got back in and turned on the house lights, I took some photos.


This is the dance floor.


This is the balcony. Bear in mind this is with the strobes now off and the house lights on. During the game, I couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of me.


Each time the fire alarm goes off, it prints the alarm information onto a piece of paper. This is said piece of paper, and yes, all that on the counter as well. By this time, the alarm was still being set off.

Good times.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Chicken supreme and rice
  • Thought for the day: Smoke + strobes = :¬)
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    1. >Sounds like real fun,the music sounded wicked too!!! Starting to wonder if maybe I should look at going to uni! ;) x

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