GO PRO GO PRO GO PRO (and gardening)

For this week’s blog post I was going put together a short video of me and a few friends rock climbing, but due to the immense amount of things happening this week I just haven’t been able to edit the footage yet. Hopefully I get pull something together for next week when I have a bit more free time.

With the birthday money kindly gifted to me by my friends and family I bought a GoPro – a small, light, waterproof video camera.

It’s something I’ve wanted for ages now, and as soon as it arrived I wanted to start recording everything, starting with my rock climbing. With the head mount it’s easy to record someone climbing up a wall from their point of view, and it looks really cool! But the main reason I wanted the GoPro was for travelling. I’ve made a few travel video in the past, and it’s something I want to really push the boat out on for my next adventure!

As I mentioned last week, I’m involved with starting up a new community garden on campus, and over the last week there has been lots going on. We had an amazing response at freshers fayre, with over 200 students signing up to the society mailing list. Our first session was attended by over 30 people, who had lots of great ideas for the garden. It’s so great to have such an overwhelming response after estates and the whole committee worked so hard over the summer to make the freshers week deadline.


Raking in the fresher’s #branchout

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This weekend we’re building the 35ft polytunnel in the garden, so there’s been lots to organise for that. Did I mention that it’s also my cousins wedding tomorrow?

See you next week when everything has calmed down a notch. If I still had the “brief-o-meter” I’m sure both happiness and workload would be at 11 this week!

Charles x