Housing Awareness Week 2013

I haven’t had the time to produce an in-depth StagTV series for a very long time because of other major commitments like my placement year, dissertation, graduation and, now, PhD. But in the last few months I’ve tried to be more involved in StagTV, not just as an afterthought editor, but as a series producer and presenter.

Housing Awareness Week is an initiative the University of Surrey runs every year at the start of February to help first year students find their first house. I remember in my first year being so stressed about finding a house that I now want to help other students out by answering the questions I had going through what they’re now going through. When I was technical producer of MADTV in my second year I helped with the production of a three-part series about finding a house to coincide with Housing Awareness Week at the same time. The video was a success, but because of the VERY small team available at the time (during the exam period), I didn’t feel like it reached it’s full potential. And that has always bugged me. So this year I plan to fill that chip in my shoulder by bringing the series bang-up-to-date with the current information and advice available.

It’ll probably end up being a two-part series, with part one released today (the week before Housing Awareness Week) and the last part during Housing Awareness Week next Wednesday.