Home Sweet Home

This weekend i’m back in London. Why? Diggnation of course. Now that probably doesn’t make any sense to any of you so let me explain. As part of my daily life I watch several technology shows online: CNET, Tekzilla, Click, WinSuperSite, All About Microsoft and … Diggnation. Diggnation is a weekly technologty show where two guys, Kevin and Alex, talk about news stories from the past week. The show is filmed in America, and they occasionaly do live shows where they film the show infrom of an audience. Last night, the show was filmed in London! So I was there.

I know that’s a really bad picture, but that’s all I got.I had a really great time and and enjoyerd it loads.

Since I was ‘in town’ I thought “why not go and visit all those people I used to know, like my parents. So here I am. For 1 night only.

Tonight I’m going to the Servers Party in church (hope to see a few of you there!) and then tomorrow I’m off, but this time to Birmingham for my Auntie’s Birthday Party. So three parties in three days, who can complain.

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 5/10
  • Last meal: Cereal (honestly I do eat other things as well!)
  • Thought for the day: DIGGNATION!!

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  1. >Will be there on 16th after having bought provisions. Glad you are having a change from cereals!! Chris is over at present and Jim has cut the grass so Nico can see where he is going or not as appropriate. Have a fun day. G A.

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