Project Horror #3: 5 YouTube Inspirations

Off the back of my last post about idols and heroes, here are a few videos made by people that have inspired me to make this horror short.

1. The Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey is highly renowned in the professional audio industry for equipping students with the theory and practice of sound recording and audio engineering. Andy Land was such a student, and quite a success story after the video he produced above, a cover of Magnetic Man by Crossover, was loved by Radio 1 DJs and the band itself! The video features the University of Surrey Orchestra and is a great example of what Tonmeister graduates are capable of producing! It’s very inspiring to see one of the people who went to the same university as me at the same time producing something so brilliant. Also, we put things into space.

2. I first saw this after Bloody Cuts were interviewed on Film Riot a few months ago. Bloody Cuts are a small group of guys who have decided to produce 13 short horror films, all on a low budget. They’ve completed 9 so far, but Suckablood (number 5) was by far the most expensive one thanks do a generous donation from Stephen Fry! Their behind the scenes are really in depth too, I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!

3. Some of you may know that about a year ago I bought a ukulele. While I’m still not very good, I love playing it after a long day or a relaxing morning. It gives me time to think, time away from work and any distractions. A few of my workmates have recently got them too, and have found UkeJam, a ukulele troupe based in Guildford. But by far the best ukulele thing I’ve ever seen is this guy. I mean, the whole of Bohemian Rhapsody!? Crazy. I know, it’s not directly about making videos, but it’s a discipline that I find fascinating regardless.

4. This is a great little video about how to be a creative person, from someone who’s been doing it their whole life. So true. Another big inspiration for making this horror short – “If you want to do something, do it”. An interesting aside to this is this video about “free time“.

5. Charlie McDonnell comes across as a great guy. He know YouTube. He started out as a blogger, and last year reaches 1 million subscribers. Now he’s switching his ideas into short films. And for a first short film, this is brilliant! I know I won’t be able to achieve anything this good with mine, but it’s an inspiration nonetheless.

So there you have it. 5 videos that inspired me to get off my ass, stop just talking about doing something and actually do it. What are your 5?

Next time I should have my new lens to show you!

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