Ice Ice Baby

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with Josh, how else would I have got this photo:

Ice Skating

Everything is fine at the moment, lectures yesterday went well and I hope that the Maths test went well this morning. Struggled a little, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Labs this afternoon were terrible. I assembled a circuit only to find it not working. Now tomorrow I’ll have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. I’m enjoying it but it’s very annoying when even the demonstrator can’t get your circuit to work. Its not my fault, honest!

Having another quiet night in tonight and tomorrow in time for the busy weekend. More about that another time.

PS: If you’re reading this, don’t forget you can add comments at the end of any post just by clicking the word ‘comments’ and leaving your feedback. It would be great to hear from more people!

3 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. >Hi
    That’s one cool photo!
    I am reading the blog …honest. I check in every day and look forward to the new posts, so we are interested.

    It just seems strange leaving comments as well….afterall we talk several times a week as well.

  2. >Thorpe Park souds as sick making as ever. I wouldn’t come out of there alive!! I agree. Love your posts. Your course is completely unintelligible to me but you seem to be enjoying it and that is what matters. Please do not fall off a rock. The climbing should be great. It’s a lovely part of the world. I skipped church on Sunday – had a bad cold. Lovely having a day in even if I was coughing etc. See you fairly soon. Love GA

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