InterRail Post #6: Ohhhhhhh Vienna!

Next stop after Prague was Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital! Charlotte was still with us and we had a laugh exploring. Our hostel was right next to a famous market in Vienna called the Nashmarkt, which is a great place to wonder in an get cheap pasties and falafel for breakfast!

The weather was great in Vienna and we got so hot we had to find a lido to chill out in. Next to the summer palace is a large public baths, perfect. One of my work mates from Sony just happened to be in Vienna at the same time as us, so we met up and went to a great steakhouse! After two weeks of walking around, the meat cravings were definitely setting in.

One thing that we haven’t really mentioned yet is that in Berlin we met two girls who were staying in our hostel, and it turned out that they were also travelling on to Prague and Vienna! So we met up with them in Prague for some traditional food, and then we met again in Vienna since they were staying in the same hostel! The words world and small come to mind!


Our hostel had a really nice bar and one night we ended up in a cool little group of travellers, two of them had even just graduated from the University of Surrey! It really is true what they say about small worlds and friendly people :)


Vienna has many drinking stations situated all over the city centre and the locals are very proud that Vienna has some of the best water in Europe as it comes directly from the Alps to the city in pipes. The tap water here is better than mineral water.


Sophie eying up the local hotties from her specially designed vantage point, St Stephens church.


No trip to Vienna is complete without a trip to the Opera at the Staatsoper! You can queue on the night for standing tickets for as little as €3 so it would be rude not to! Another thing ticked off the list!


Charlotte’s face after she got left behind by the metro train while trying to run down the train and get on a less crowded carriage, calling the now infamous words “why get on this door when you can get on…”

Next stop, Budapest!